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How we present ourselves and the clothes we choose to wear can have a major impact on the way we’re perceived by other people. Nowhere is this more important than in the workplace, where getting ahead is so often about projecting a confident, competent image at all times. With the right help, you can use your work wardrobe to help you feel in charge.


Think about your image

Whether you’re the boss or just starting out in your career, it’s important to go into work with a strong sense of who you are, and how you want that to be projected. If you want to be seen as professional and put-together, suits and sharp tailoring are always the strongest option. If you’d prefer people see you as a little more laid back and approachable, try softer fabrics or patterned blouses.

Adapt to your environment

It’s important to feel like part of the team at work, and like you’re fitting in with the overall image of your office. If it’s a more casual atmosphere, don’t feel you have to squeeze your feet into uncomfortable heels every day to make a point. If things are more corporate and formal, make sure your work wear reflects that. Just be sure that you’re always putting your personal twist on every outfit so that you don’t blend into the background.

Don’t get complacent

If you’ve been working somewhere a while, it can be easy to get lazy when it comes to getting dressed in the morning for the same old routine. Make sure that at least one or two days a week, you make an extra effort; it’ll do wonders for your confidence and for other people’s perceptions of you. By spicing up your usual suit with a new pair of shoes, a bright scarf or a chic blouse you can keep things lively, and keep the attention on you.

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  1. Sorry Hillary: pant suits are so out for us working women. I have a collection of bright dresses I class up with a blazer and then wear out at night. And my office is relaxed enough that I ditched the heels years ago. I’m all about the ballet flats.

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