Your Guide To Perfect Eye Shadow

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Eye shadow can be a great tool for creating a variety of looks; from a pretty natural daytime eye to something more smoky and dramatic for the evening. It doesn’t have to be over-complicated either, follow a few simple steps and you’ll be applying your eye make-up like a pro in no time.


Prepare your eyes

Apply concealer (make sure its in the right skin tone!) to the under eye area to disguise any dark circles, and add a dab of foundation to the eyelid itself. This will create an even color and a balanced surface area to work with. You can use a primer if you prefer, and a dusting of loose powder over the eyelid will help your eye shadow settle and stay put for longer.


Classic look

To create a simple, classic style, take a light shade and blend it from your lashes to the eye crease using a soft brush. Stay within the lines of your eyelid for a more natural look, and then blend a slightly darker shade to the crease of your eye for contrast. Go with neutral colours that closely match your skin tone, like shades of tan, pink, beige and light brown. Then add mascara for bright, pretty eyes.


Smoky eyes

For drama and sophistication, nothing beats a smoky eye. With a little practice this look can be easily achieved, no make-up artists required. Choose 3 shades of the colour of your choice. Using the lightest shade, dab it on the inside corner of your eye, and apply under the eyebrow to highlight. Then use the medium shade over the entire eyelid, making sure to blend it carefully with the lighter colour. Apply the medium shade within the natural crease of your eyelid, not further out. Then add the darkest shade in a “C” shape from the outside corner of the eye into about halfway inward along the crease of the lid. Blend thoroughly and add liquid eyeliner along the top lid for a dramatic look, and plenty of mascara! Before you head out for your evening, make sure you check under the eye for any fallen eye shadow or mascara, and clean up with a make-up brush.

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