Why an MRI Scan May Be the Missing Ingredient

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If you have chronic back pain, you know all too well what true pain feels like.

That said those around you telling you that you’re maybe overstating your pain and/or not really in pain, those comments (and others) can be quite painful themselves.

Other than perhaps the medical pros you visit for your chronic pain, you’re the only one who can truly sense and feel what you are going through.

When it comes to chronic pain, especially when that discomfort is centered in the lower back area, the agony can be real and quite often.

With that in mind, what are you doing in terms of trying to not only lessen the pain, but also but it to bed once and for all?

For many in this position, the pain just becomes a part of their lives, something they know no different from.

You, meantime, could make that chronic pain a thing of the past, especially if you go out of your way to seek the best treatment options possible.

So, could an MRI scan be the missing ingredient when all is said and done?

Where to Go for Help

So that you are doing all you can to find an answer to your chronic pain dilemma, here are a few options:

  1. Pain treatment center

If you have not tried a pain treatment center up to this point, why not give it a try?

After repeated visits to your doctor and/or trying this or that pain medication, a pain treatment center may in fact be your best option.

Once there with a pain treatment specialist, he or she may suggest turning to a MRI scan.

Such a test may or may not be the ultimate answer as to why you are suffering from chronic pain, but it certainly could point you and your medical pros caring for you in the right direction.

Such testing can oftentimes pinpoint where the pain is coming from, what is causing the pain in that portion of the body (genetics, injury etc.), and what the best treatment might be.

Lastly, before you even set foot in the door of a pain treatment center, make sure you’ve done some research of the one/s nearest to where you live.

The last thing you want to do is schedule more appointments, ultimately discovering this center wasn’t the right one for you.

By doing a little homework ahead of time, you can see if they come highly recommended, offer a great team of caring specialist, and ultimately have a track record of making patients feel physically and emotionally better when it comes to chronic pain.

  1. Better exercise regimen

Someone with chronic pain may think more (and better) exercise is the last thing in the world they need.

That said a good exercise regimen may very well be a contributing factor to you feeling better over time. As painful as it may be at times to exercise, sitting around doing nothing is usually worse.

No matter your age, but especially as you get older and deal with more health issues, exercise should become a major focal point in your life.

Lastly, never start an exercise program without advice from your personal doctor, a pain treatment specialist, and even a fitness expert. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself more.

  1. Lifestyle adjustments

Finally, all the tests, advice from pain treatment specialist, even an exercise program, won’t do you any good if you’re living a lifestyle that is counterproductive to good health.

This means actions like being notably overweight, having bad posture habits (especially in the office while working a full shit), and being flat out lazy.

Take some time to look at your lifestyle and see if you are in fact contributing to your chronic pain issues. If you are, changing some bad habits could provide you with relief.

Chronic pain of any part of the body does not have to get the better of you.

By seeking help (including medical tests), getting some regular exercise, and reassessing how your lifestyle is maybe not the best it can be, you can take the fight to chronic pain.

All you need to do is find the missing ingredient that is keeping you from living a healthier and happier life.

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