When should you start an anti-ageing regime? You might be surprised…

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The ageing of skin is as natural as the ageing of years, and sometimes the challenge to stop the impacts of age on your skin can prove as futile as halting the hands of time. It is a battle which must begin early, and with great care a woman’s skin can remain as full of life and volume as she wishes. Anti-ageing products are all too often seen as a treatment, a way to slow down the crow’s feet and the furrowed brown, to revert the skin back to its plump, full, enlivened state of younger adulthood. However, the experts say that by the time the lines appear, it’s too late.

It is important to maintain the routine you’ve kept since your teenaged years, where exfoliating, cleaning, toning and moisturising help minimise breakouts and excess oil, keeping the skin fresh and soft. Applying a sunscreen daily will limit the sun’s impact on your skin and, with it, any premature signs of ageing. Even finding a light SPF moisturiser or supplementing your foundation with some sun-protectant BB cream can prove effective if your face does not agree with the oiliness of constant sunscreen application.

A woman’s mid-20s are an ideal time pay extra attention to taking care of her skin; skin becomes increasingly dry, unwelcome spots or telltale lines start to form, and the sun’s constant exposure starts to take its toll. There are plenty of creams designed for women in their 20s, which address the prominent issues for that specific age group and work well with most skin care products.

If you are to invest in one anti-ageing product, let it be a good quality eye cream. The skin around the eye is the most sensitive on the face, making it most susceptible to wrinkles, which unfortunately become the most noticeable. Even if a woman employs the most stringent of skin care routines, depending on her genetics and overall skin condition, there is sometimes little that can be done to combat the natural laugh lines that are etched away every day. An eye cream, when used over a long period of time, can help to keep the face looking fresh and prevents any sagging in the eyes as wrinkles form, as best as they can.

If you find yourself with genetics and your overall skin condition working against you, there are some non-invasive procedures that can be done to simply eliminate the cause of sagging eyes, allowing you to get your skin care regime back on track and easily maintained. Blepharoplasty, a procedure to lift the lid of the eye and remove any sagging or stretched skin. To assess your suitability for such a procedure, contact a specialised practitioner such as Dr Woods in Adelaide. A consultation will either establish what procedure would most benefit you, or get you back on track with some professional skin care advice.

Of course, when discussing how to prevent the signs of ageing, it is not just the creams and potions that are considered. Lifestyle factors, such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and extremely unhealthy foods, and tanning can all attribute to premature skin ageing, and to an increased degree. Healthy, balanced eating, regular exercise and getting enough sleep each night can work in partnership with your skincare routine to prevent time from being too harsh on your skin.

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