What To Look For In A Storage Facility

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You’ve probably driven past a stack of storage facilities, but never really thought about what to look for when choosing one. Do you go for the one with bright colours? Big fences? Scary security guards? Making sure you’ve got the right facility for your belongings and memories needn’t be a daunting task. So what should you be looking for in a storage facility? Check out these ideas on what to consider when checking out the various options.


Without a doubt, you want to go with someone you trust. A company that’s been around for many years, with a solid reputation that you can rely on to store your goods. Online reviews or recommendations from your friends or family can always steer you in the right direction, when choosing a storage facility. Removalists like www.yourlocalmovers.com.au spend a lot of time moving gear in and out of storage facilities – they can also advise which facilities treat their customers and equipment with respect.


So the guy with a lazy eye and a three-legged dog called ‘Lucky’ assures you that the place is safe and secure. You believe him, right? You’re storing your belongings, your memories. You want to know you’re choosing somewhere secure for your memories. Ensure that your storage facility has electronically controlled gates, 24 hour on-site security and monitored CCTV. Either that, or trust your goods to ‘Lucky’!


A storage facility isn’t a hospital with set visiting hours. You want to be able to get to your goods when you want, not when they want. Ask if the facility provides 24 hour, seven day a week access. Are your goods going to be warehoused with other people’s belongings? How does your storage facility ensure against mould, that ‘damp’ smell and keep your goods ventilated?


You want to know that you’ll have the space you need, without paying for space that you’re not going to use. When choosing a storage facility, remember that one size does not actually fit all. Check out what range of storage areas and sizes they have available, to make sure the space fits in with your needs. Don’t be scared to ask for a tour. Many organisations also have an online estimator on how much space you’ll need for your goods – make use of these tools!


Of course, the cost will be a determining factor in choosing a storage facility. You want something that’s going to meet your needs and your budget. It’s essential that you do your shopping – get a few quotes, compare what each company can offer for your money and use the above ideas to help guide what will be the most cost effective option for you.

Have you had to store your belongings? How did you find it? Did you find these tips helpful, or do you have your own ideas to help choose the right storage facility for your goods? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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