What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You?

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From natural flowing locks, tacky hair extensions to different shaped wigs, nothing can change the persona of a woman more than the colour of her hair. It’s like experiencing a rite of passage that can drastically renovate your personality and approach to everyday situations. A brown-haired beauty turned blonde suddenly becomes the life of the party, while the blonde bombshell turned brunette develops in to a mature, level-headed woman most men desire to bring home to their mother. However, what does your hair colour really say about you? Yes, this all maybe a generalized perception based on what television and the media constantly feed us, but hey, there may be shades of truth under all these stereotypes. Find out below, you’ll probably whip your hair back in forth in agreement or hide behind your mane in pure disapproval.

Black Hair

Women with black hair are commonly known for encompassing a mature personality, tending to be a little narcissistic, yet doubtful of their capabilities. Nevertheless, this level-headed and measured nature, often means they’re highly respected by the people in their life. As their concerns lie on the big picture and how they can progress, they spend a lot of time reflecting on their own queries and philosophies. Black-haired women typically enjoy taking care of finances, poetry and painting and concerned of all things spiritual.

Brown Hair

Distinguished as being the all-around intelligent, trustworthy and compassionate woman, the brunette is the ideal counterpart of any love-struck man. When celebrities like Catherine Zeta Jones and Eva Longoria come to mind, which man can’t resist the mystery and seduction that radiates behind their attractive features? This woman often doesn’t require unnecessary hair accessories and extensions; rocking out her beautiful BioTHIK cared locks on her way to her reputable occupation. Yes, the media continuously inform us that brunettes as more intelligent however researchers don’t support this argument, but reinstate that they’re simply more hardworking and responsible.

Red Hair

Full-blooded, charming and strong are some of the bold words to describe the passionate red-haired women. While they live with an amplified level of enthusiasm, they possess a sensitive soul that contrasts to their often blunt and ‘anything goes’ attitude. The classic red-haired woman is a rare find, therefore when men discover this beauty, they’re often seduced under her spell. Nevertheless, with beauty comes pain, and red-haired women are no different, often requiring a higher dose of anaesthesia and pain killers for their small pain and stress tolerance.

Blonde Hair

If there’s one stereotype that’s beared the brunt of all jokes in film and television for their dimwit and lack of intelligence, it’d have to be women with blonde hair. Not to worry, the saying that ‘blondes have more fun’ are supported by researchers, expressing that this woman exudes fun and flirtatiousness. We see them confidently parading the streets wearing a natural set of golden locks or mass-produced extensions; why? The ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype has been blown out of the water, as nowadays they’re just as intelligent as their dark-haired rivals, even if their infamous compatriots (Paris Hilton and Britney Spears) have hinted us otherwise. Although they’re often not as respected by men compared to darker hair-coloured women, blondes are often well aware of their social surroundings and the intentions of people.

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