Warming Winter Soups

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When it comes to warming you up on a frosty winter’s day, nothing beats a good bowl of soup. Easy to make, super satisfying and often very healthy, winter soups are a great option for lunches, dinners or any time of day. Here are some ideas for winter soup inspiration.


Butternut Squash with Ginger Soup

This is a really easy combination that provides plenty of warmth and an extra dash of flavor. Combine a tablespoon of olive oil, a butternut squash, an onion, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 pieces of ginger chopped up and a load of vegetable stock, with whatever extra seasoning you feel like. Simply heat the oil, add the chopped veggies and stock and simmer until soft, then blend. You can have more or less ginger depending on your personal taste, but either way this soup should be seriously delicious. Add toppings like cream or pumpkin seeds for a special touch.


Winter Vegetable Soup

For this chunky, nutritious soup, heat some olive oil and add 2 garlic cloves, 1 swede, 4 carrots, thyme, vegetable stock and 500ml of semi-skimmed milk. Boil and simmer for 15 minutes and blend before adding a couple cans of mixed beans, for a wholesome, healthy meal.

Chicken Noodle Soup

This classic healing dish will have you warmed up in no time, and will help you recover from any wintertime sniffles that may be plaguing you. Take a vegetable or chicken stock and add chicken breast or any other boneless pieces you like, and boil in the stock until the chicken is soft enough to shred up into smaller pieces. Then add noodles, mushrooms, garlic, sweetcorn, spring onion and any other ingredients that you like, and simmer until the noodles are soft. For an eastern kick, add soy sauce and ginger to the recipe, or chilli for some added spice.


All these soups should, of course, be served with a side of crusty, buttery bread, for maximum winter comfort. Dig in!

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  1. Laura Fredericks

    Have you ever considering buying a soup maker, Sarah? Our family recently purchased one quite cheaply on Amazon and it’s sped up soup making immensely. We now have fresh, homemade soup 3-4 times a week. David loves it and I’m sneaking all these great veggies in under the kids’ noses!

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