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Getting ahead at work isn’t always as simple as being good at your job and getting a few years’ experience under your belt. While being a conscientious worker is definitely important, your interpersonal skills and how you ‘market’ yourself at work can often have a bigger impact on your career progression than you may realise. Read on to find out why – and how you can start working towards that dream role.

Work with Your Boss, Not for Your Boss

Make sure you know what your boss needs you to do to help them achieve their goals and milestones beyond simply doing your job. Present solutions instead of problems and ask them for advice in a way that enables them to mentor you and build a good working relationship with them. While there does need to be a level of respect for their authority, people who get promoted tend to be those who work with their boss like an equal not a subordinate.

Keep Studying and Training

It’s important that you have the skills and knowledge base to not only perform your current role, but also the one you want in the future. Often a formal qualification helps to consolidate and quantify your ability to perform a function. For example, if you plan on moving up to manage the marketing team of your organisation, it could be advantageous to do a Diploma of Management to compliment your Bachelor’s degree. Visit a learning provider such as Evocca College to see a list of courses you can consider to help you be ready to move up the career ladder.

Discuss Your Intentions

Make sure your boss or human resources department know what your short and long term career aspirations are. If there isn’t a formal succession plan program in place, see if one can be implemented where team members take on higher duties when someone is away from the office. Many organisations will help facilitate staff who want to progress – and in some cases you can even get your further studies paid for or land a secondment to another role that will help you gain the experience you need.


The professional relationships you build throughout your career can be invaluable. You can expand your network by joining organisations or industry associations, attending industry conferences and events, and even taking on volunteer or pro bono positions in local events, community and charity organisations. Just remember a business relationship should be mutually beneficial, so keep in regular contact with the connections you make and see if there are opportunities for you to assist others too.

Hard work, showing initiative and building positive relationships are ultimately key to getting noticed – and ahead – at work and taking your current position from a ‘job’ to something more. Wanting to move forward in your career isn’t enough, you need to make sure you have a solid plan in place to help you work towards your goals.

What advice would you give to someone who is wanting to advance their career?

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