Tips for Buying Bridal Lingerie

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For most brides-to-be, choosing the wedding dress is one of the main priorities for the big day. Yet what you wear underneath that all-important dress is equally as crucial, because your bridal lingerie has the capacity to enhance your outfit, if chosen correctly. Here’s all you need to know about buying bridal lingerie.

Make it extra special

Bridal lingerie is different from your every day lingerie, so even if you are getting married on a tight budget, don’t resort to your normal day underwear when it comes to getting wed. At the very basic, splash out on a decent, well-fitted bra and team it with matching pants.

Focus on comfort

Your bridal lingerie should be special, but you should also ensure that what you choose is comfortable and fits well. Never buy any lingerie that is too tight, doesn’t offer the right amount of support or digs into you – even if you think it looks gorgeous. You won’t want ill-fitting underwear to cast a cloud over your big day.

Be firm about support

As well as being comfortable, make sure that your bridal lingerie provides you with adequate support. Many women wear the wrong bra size, for instance, so get yourself measured before you make any purchases. Straps should be firm but comfortable, and never loose which result in sagging. The bra you choose should work in harmony with your dress, so plump for a strapless bra if your dress is also strapless, etc.


Don’t leave buying bridal lingerie to the last minute, as this reduces your chances of making the best choices. On the other hand, don’t buy too far in advance, in case your shape alters during this time. It’s always important to try the underwear on, and especially to try it on with your dress, so that the two items blend well together.


Choose bridal underwear that matches the colour of your dress. White is always a safe bet. Don’t ever be tempted to buy red or black, or any other colour, unless you want to buy an additional set of lingerie for your evening attire.


Opt for soft, comfortable fabrics that will hug your figure, such as lace, satin or silk. Make sure the materials you choose offer a seamless finish, so that there are no lumps or bumps of underwear fabric showing through your dress.

Price tag

How much should you expect to splash out on bridal lingerie? A lot depends on how much cash you’ve got to spare! But with most weddings already costing lots of money, you may have to put a cap on how much you spend. Buying bridal lingerie shouldn’t actually cost you a great deal more, if you normally buy good quality, and well-supported lingerie, already. You may need to spend more if you want something a bit fancy, and some brides like to have a second lingerie outfit for the evening. Aside from the basics of bra and pants, you may also choose to buy a garter and hosiery, depending on the style of your dress.

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