The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Fragile Materials Using Bubble Mailers

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It often feels like a bit of a gamble to send your fragile materials away in the mail, since even packing something well can sometimes lead to poor results. If you’re wondering how you can avoid a shipping calamity with your delicate shipments, here are some ways to effectively use bubble mailers from Paper Mart.

Select the Right Size of Mailer

When choosing a bubble mailer for your fragile item, it might seem like choosing a large or snug envelope will do the trick – but this is not the case. An envelope that is too large will leave you with a lot of additional space to fill up, and you’ll also need excess packing material, which will make your package even more expensive to ship. On the other hand, an envelope that is too small will provide you with no extra space to reinforce the protective properties of your bubble mailer. The correct sized mailer should leave you with enough space for your fragile item and still have room for the extra stuffing that can absorb any potential damage.

Wrap the Item Tightly

Before you even think of putting your fragile item into the mailer without any additional packing preparation, think again. While a bubble mailer will certainly help reduce the likelihood of a shipment arriving damaged, extra reinforcement is important to ensure it doesn’t happen. Try wrapping the item in at least a couple layers of bubble wrap so that, in the event that it’s jostled or moved around, there’s enough packing to absorb the pressure and leave the item unaffected. After you’ve wrapped the item with some packing stuff or bubble wrap, make sure that you put packing tape around it so that the wrap can’t loosen and become less effective when shipping.

Pack It As Tight As You Can!

Before you put the fragile item into the envelope, make sure that you put some packing into the bottom of the envelope so the item will remain in the center of the envelope for added protection. This means once you’ve placed the item into the envelope, you should also add more packing stuffing onto both sides of the item for added protection. It’s very important that you put as much packing material into the top portion of the envelope as you can before closing the envelope so that, in the event that the item is dropped or covered, the bubble mailer won’t compress and allow your items to be damaged. When your package is full but not bursting, you can seal it up tightly and put on some extra tape if needed.

If you have to ship a fragile item and you want to make sure it gets to its destination in one piece, you’ll want to pack it as securely as possible to avoid any breakage. This is where bubble mailers come in handy. With some careful packing planning for an envelope that’s sealed tight, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your item to its destination in one piece.

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