The physiological and physical benefits of owning a boat

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Sarah needs braces, your mother needs better health coverage and you…you need to buy a boat.


For many, one of life’s great fantasies is to own a boat. Being in tune with nature, while at the same voyaging in luxury, is a combination few of us would think to turn away.


However, the reality is, owning a boat is a difficult expenditure. Just consider the expensive and time-consuming elements that go into boating:


  • High purchasing costs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Docking or storing costs
  • Fueling prices
  • Inclement weather conditions
  • Safety equipment, or beacon installation
  • Miscellaneous gear (e.g., fishing poles, water rafts, etc.)
  • Boating insurance
  • Learning how to drive a boat; boating courses
  • And water access


When considering these taxing tangibles that go into boating, it may seem less like a fantasy, and more like a nightmare. But the truth is, even when enduring these “problems” of boating—it’s nonetheless a wonderfully beneficial hobby and lifelong opportunity that offers so much more than an expensive luxury.


Here are the top reasons why owning a boat is an investment destined to improve the quality of your life:




Boating goes a long way in terms of psychologically benefiting your wellbeing.


Theirs is just something ethereal about water that soothes the mind and compresses all of life’s other troubles. Whether it be the isolated feeling of bonding with Mother Nature, listening to the delicate sounds of water or presenting you with a change of scenery from your normal, daily routine—the popularity of boating is heavily corresponded with the happiness it produces.


It’s an affordable alternative to recreational activities


Sure, having your own boat is anything but cheap, but over time, having a boat will potentially save you money regarding participating in recreational activities. Once you have a boat and the necessary gear, you will be set for life to enjoy water skiing, fishing, having the perfect view of 4th of July fireworks, traveling up and down the coastline, snorkeling and a host of other fun activities that are extremely expensive without having a boat.


Water access is more accessible than what you’ve probably imagined


Did you that over 90 percent of people in the US live less than an hour from a navigable body of water? Don’t think you need to live along the coastal region of the United States to enjoy having a boat.


Bonding with the family


According to the National Marine Manufactures Association, nearly 50 percent of American noted that bonding with family as their favorite boating activity.


If opting to invest in a boat, you can expect your family relationship(s) to strengthen tremendously. From cruising on a lazy afternoon to teaching a family member how to fish, sometimes the best part about boating isn’t luxury, but about being together. It provides you and your family with a plethora of opportunities and fun ideas to enjoy each other’s company that isn’t in front of the television or video games. Boating is a canvas for creating endless memories that are unique and powerful, and can assure you that the decision to invest in a boat was the right one.


Boating is a great excuse to skip the gym


From waterskiing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, a rigorous sailing voyage and hours of cleaning, upkeep and routine maintenance—boating is sure to get your blood circulating. Don’t assume boating is an activity where your feet rarely touch the ground, as just about every boating activity requires some form of physical exertion.


Boating is a rewarding experience


Whether you’re teaching a family member how to properly cast a fishing line, parking your boat into the marina, engaging your kids in nature, tasting a fish you’ve just caught, interpreting the world through a different lens or seeing the smile on a family member’s face—boating is sure to provide you with a rewarding experience unlike any other.


Boating helps reduce stress and is fun


After a frustrating, distressing or gloomy day, sometimes the best medicine is to get a little fresh air, have some fun and cruise along the water. Luckily, you have an endless prescription of fun and happiness in the form of a boat.







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