The Perfect Gifts For Nursing School Graduates

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omeone you know is on the path to graduating from nursing school.  This is without a doubt one of the biggest events that has happened in their lives and you are excited to be a part of this experience with them, but what do you get them as a gift? Nurses who are fresh out of school and new to the workforce have many items they will need in order to provide the type of healthcare they are capable of.  The problem is most non-medical field workers do not know exactly what they should be shopping for when it comes to a gift for a nursing school graduate. Shopping for a new graduate can be easy and fun if you have an idea of what you want to buy.  Get them something that will truly make their job easier and they are sure to love it.

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The most common question asked when contemplating a nursing school graduate’s gift idea is if the gift should pertain to their field or not.  Not all great gift ideas need to pertain to the nursing field, but the ones that do are sure to help your fresh graduate in their new line of work.

Great gifts for nursing school graduates

  • A trip to the spa— The person you are getting a gift for has just finished a very stressful bump in their lives.  Higher education can be one of the toughest obstacles a young person can face. The new graduate has probably just finished their last set of finals before graduating.  Surprise them with a gift to a spa where they can relax and let all their stresses melt away.  There is nothing like kicking back and being pampered, especially after a massive accomplishment like graduating from nursing school.
  • New shoes— Nurses who are new to the field might not realize how demanding it is to be on your feet for extremely long shifts at a time.  Most floors in hospitals and clinics are hard, with no padding, and can really do a number on a new nurses back and feet.  By getting your new graduate a comfortable new pair of shoes, you will be directly impacting their daily life for the better.  There are many options when it comes to nurses’ shoes.  First, find out the exact specs of the shoes that your new nurse will be required to wear at the clinic or hospital he or she will be working at. Then decide if you are going to go with a shoe like Dansko or Nurse Mates which are specifically designed for nurses, or a tennis shoe like Nike or Adidas.  New shoes are a must for recent graduates entering the medical field, so save your grad the hassle of purchasing them themselves.
  • Scrubs— Like shoes, nurse scrubs are an ideal gift for a new nursing school graduate. Scrubs now become the new uniform that must be worn daily by the graduate in the workforce.  Save your grad the trouble of filling their closet with scrubs alone.  Find out the specs of the scrubs that must be worn by your graduate before purchasing any.  Once you have found out the colors they are allowed to wear and other details, don’t hesitate to buy multiple pairs.  They will definitely get used, and the new graduate will be extremely thankful because the more uniforms they receive as a gift, the less they have to purchase themselves.
  • A watch— A watch is great gift for any new graduate.  Watches are worn throughout multiple professions and can be worn on and off the job.  Nurses are inside hospitals and clinics for long periods of time.  A watch may be the ideal gift for a new nursing school graduate because of the fact that they will use it every single day, and it will last a long time.  Every time your graduate looks at his or her wrist for the time, they will see the watch that you purchased for them.
  • Gift card— Nurses do not always seem to have the best eating habits because they are in hospitals and clinics for such a long period of time.  When they do eat, most of their meals take place in the hospital cafeteria.  A gift card to a restaurant near the place the graduate will be working is a perfect gift that will make sure your graduate is eating well.  They will surely be thankful of your gift when they are working a long shift and are able to slip out for a bit and enjoy some delicious food from a great restaurant. 

Now, it’s time to go shopping!

Judy Perry has been a nursing instructor for nearly 30 years. Her passion is training young men and women to be the best healthcare providers on the planet. 

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