The Nasty and Smelly Things That Could Stop You from Selling Your House

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Selling your home can be a difficult experience if you don’t go about it in the right way. No matter how nice your property is there are a few nasty things which could stop viewers from wanting to buy it from you. The following are some of the problems you should make sure that you avoid if you want to get your house sold.

The Smell of Your Pets

I’m sure that your pets are lovely. They could be a drawback when it comes to getting the right price for your house, though. People can get awfully sensitive when anyone criticizes their pets but there is no doubt that it is a factor you need to consider. For a start, many house purchasers don’t like to be greeted at the entrance by a big dog or by a group of cats. Not everyone likes animals so keep them out of sight if you can. More importantly, the smell of cats and dogs can be very off-putting. The difficult aspect of this is that you probably don’t even notice the smell of your pets. However, if you have some pets at home then you can be sure that there is an odor in the house which needs to be removed.  

The Places You Haven’t Cleaned Thoroughly

It can be hard work making your home spotless day after day in case a potential purchaser comes along to view it. This isn’t a natural way to live but you need to make the effort to live like this until the property is sold. For many people this means getting up early morning after morning in order to wash the dishes, clean the floor and do all of the other jobs which need done. You probably won’t enjoy doing this but it will be worth it in the long run, as more people will fall in love with the house if it is spotlessly clean. You should be particularly careful not to leave a part of the house really dirty because you think that no one else will look there. People who view properties have a habit of poking their noses into every nook and cranny they come across and are almost certain to find exactly what you don’t want them to see.     

Dirty Windows

If you think about it, the windows are a very important part of your property. Anyone who is thinking of buying it will definitely want to take a look out of them to see the view they would be living with. This means that it you can’t clean them thoroughly the dirt will get noticed by just about every viewer. Dirty windows look horrible and they also give the sensation of the whole house being dirty. Cleaning windows properly is a fairly time consuming job but it is absolutely essential that you do this right in order to let your viewers enjoy the view without seeing nasty streaks and other dirty marks. Paying someone to clean your windows and tidy up the rest of your house will cost some money but could turn out to be a great investment. Don’t forget that getting the place spotless and then choosing the right realtor and making a quick sale are all ways to save money for you. You should look to make some smart choices to ensure that you spend on the right things that will lead to a successful sale.

Scary Bugs

You really, really don’t want someone looking around your home to get freaked out by scary bugs. Even if they only find one bug as they walk around the place they are unlikely to want to buy it. Before you open your doors to let viewers in you will want to go around the whole property and make sure that there are absolutely no bugs anywhere. Even if you are used to the occasional spider or ant around the place, the time has come to get rid of them all. If you have a serious bug problem then fumigation might be the only solution.  

The Garbage You Leave Out

On the face of it, this point makes no sense at all. It isn’t as though potential buyers of your property expect you to leave your garbage behind. They aren’t likely to ask you whether you are leaving it behind, as they know full well that you will be disposing of it before you move out. However, they may find that they are instinctively put off the property when they see a pile of nasty garbage spilling out of bags in the kitchen. If you do a lot of tidying up to the place before putting it on the market be sure to throw away the junk you have collected. Once it is on the market then you need to be consistent and keep throwing away the garbage as it piles up.

What nasty things have stopped you selling or buying a house in the past?

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