The Main Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking Before You’re 30

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Most of us have no idea why we started, but we all know that quitting is going to be very difficult indeed. It’s odd really, the idea that not putting something in your mouth is hard seems silly, but tobacco is just one of those substances I guess. Regardless of how long you’ve been at it, this article will fill you in on lots of information about the health benefits of stopping while you’re still young. Even so, some people seem to smoke for years and never have problems. If you’re still a smoker at the age of 65, and you’re not experiencing any adverse effects, you’re obviously one of the lucky ones, and you probably shouldn’t worry too much about it. That said, if you’re only in your 20s, is it really worth the risk?

Official statistics show that around half of all smokers will die from a disease or issue directly associated with their tobacco intake. This could be lung cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer, a heart attack, a stroke and many more conditions doctors and researchers associate with smoking. So, if you want to experience this life for as long as you possibly can, stopping before you’re thirty could make all the difference.

Still not convinced? Here are the main health benefits of quitting the fags…

Any Damage You’ve Already Caused Should Correct Itself

The human body is a pretty amazing piece of kit, and in many circumstances, it has the ability to rejuvenate itself. Stopping smoking during your 20s will mean your body could be healthy and back to normal before you reach your 40s. Of course, even those who move onto the new range of electronic devices available from specialists like 10 Motives will notice the benefit after a couple of years. Fitness should increase, and so should lung capacity.

Your Level Of Fertility Will Be Improved

Though you might not realise it yet, tobacco smoke contains many dangerous chemicals, some as worrying as cyanide, and this is why smokers often have decreased fertility levels. After only a few months of abstinence, these levels should start to improve, thus giving you a much better chance of getting pregnant. Also, the removal of smoke from your life will increase the likelihood of avoiding miscarriages and producing healthy offspring.

Taste And Smell Will Return To Your Repertoire Of Senses

You might think you can still taste and smell things after ten or twenty years of smoking, but honestly? You’re fooling yourself. One of the first things everyone who decides to quit notices relates to an increased sense of smell and taste. This means you’ll be able to enjoy food a lot more, which is probably one of the reasons why new non-smokers tend to put on a lot of weight. You can combat this with a few evenings at the gym though.

So, you should now be able to see exactly why you should throw those cigarettes away for good. You already have to buy them from behind a white screen at supermarkets, and soon they’ll only be available in licenced chemists anyway. Are you really going to queue up with all the heroin addicts to get your daily fix?

Think again!

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