The Importance of Having a Structured Lifestyle

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A structured lifestyle is the building stone for a life lived to the fullest and is important for anyone who wants to achieve fulfillment and content. If you find yourself saying ‘there are not enough hours in the day’ you might be one of many of us who lack structure in our lifestyles. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but those who obtain routine and structure in their lives tend to be happier, achieve more during the day, find themselves worrying less and sleep better. Structure is a broad term and can include a number of different ways in which you can achieve balance at work and at home.

What is structure?

Structure means having routines throughout the week, making plans and following through with them, setting goals and always looking ahead. Some people have ten year plans and set their lives to achieve said plans while others have set routines or timetables for the week so they make sure they have time for relaxation, hobbies and things they enjoy doing. Families, couples and individuals all benefit from different levels of structure, everyone is unique and finding what works for you and your lifestyle will help you maintain structure. Planning a weekly shop list, going to bed early, using a daily planner or organiser, using your time effectively and delegating family tasks are a few ways to establish structure.

Lack of structure is disorderly…

A life lived without any structure can cause anxiety, depression, frustration and unnecessary stress to anyone who is raising a family, pursuing a career, living as a couple or trying to manage their lifestyle. When lack of structure overrules your day to day life simple things fall to the way and you’ll find that you are more likely to forget more often, take to anger, arrive late to important appointments, skip meals and think negatively. Feeling depressed is a common association with lack of structure because the disorder of day to day life can leave us feeling unfulfilled and discontent. Introducing little acts of structure such as going to bed earlier, committing to at least one activity or task a week to follow through with or making short term goals and achieving them can help those who wish to introduce structure into their life.

A good night’s sleep is the foundation to a happy and structured lifestyle…

Waking up from a great night’s sleep can make all the difference and those who reap the benefits of uninterrupted sleep can find maintaining a structured lifestyle that much easier. Sleep is the time for our brains to recover from our busy day to day lives and those who actively engage in structured life can find that they engage with their minds more often than those who are disorderly. A good night’s sleep can allow you to recuperate and wake up fresh and ready for another day of planning. Take extra consideration for your bed as we spend over one third of our lives sleeping in them. Invest in a good quality latex mattress and pillow to support your contours and spine, buy cotton sheets to allow your skin to breathe and reward your body for a day well led lived.

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