The Best Lipstick Tips

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When applied correctly, lipstick can take your look to a whole new level. Accentuating your lips and using the right colour shades can really enhance your make-up, showing up your best features and giving you a real confidence boost. Follow these easy tips to get lipstick right, and you’ll never mess with sticky glosses again.


Eyes or mouth

When it comes to makeup, a good rule of thumb is to focus either on your eyes or your lips. If you’re going to rock a strong red lipstick, go for it, but avoid dark, heavy eye makeup that day. Keep the rest of your face simple and neutral when you’re using bold colours on your lips, to keep the attention on your mouth.


Take care of your lips

The first step to a beautiful mouth comes before the color. Keep the skin moisturized with a good, natural lip balm, avoiding petroleum jelly and other drying cosmetics. Try and find a balm that includes SPF to protect your mouth from your sun, just as you would the rest of your face.


Line your lips

To stop the color from bleeding outside of your lips, apply liner (brow pencil can also work for this purpose). You can also use liner all over your lips to make the colour stick throughout the day- just use a neutral shade if your lipstick colour is light. Always be sure to match the colors to avoid a strange effect or clash.


Prep with primer

Before applying color to your lips, coat them with primer for real staying power. If you’re on a budget, foundation can also have this effect.


Find your perfect shade

Make-up artist Bobbi Brown’s trick of the trade is to find a colour 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone, so try and follow this rule when it comes to neutral lip looks. When it comes to red shades, those with pink skin tones should try bright, cherry reds, while those with olive skin can go for a bold fire truck red. If you have dark skin, aim for deep, dramatic reds. And be brave! The best way to wear red lipstick is with total confidence.

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  1. Nicole Simpson

    My mother, who was never seen without a perfectly lined pink lip, showed me this trick years ago: place a thin layer of tissue (not those heavy-duty cold tissues) over your lips and dab powder through it onto your fresh lipstick. The powder helps set the lipstick while the tissue keeps you from getting too much coverage or covering the entire lip in foundation!

  2. Wow, I’ve been trying to work up the courage to rock a fire engine red for weeks now. It always looks terrible and I wipe it off before I go out. I thought I just wasn’t bold enough. Turns out that was completely the wrong color. I’m off to Walgreens now to pick up cherry red!

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