The Benefits Of Walking 30 Minutes A Day

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There are never enough hours in a day. If there is one area of life that most people desire to see improvement, it is in their physical health and exercise. But rather than signing up to that year-long gym membership with the most up-to-date and high-tech equipment, you are just as likely to see significant results if you just stepped out the door and walked for 30 minutes per day. But before you do get started, it is crucial that you get some specific shoes for walking, Mick Simmons Sport store boasts an incredible range for you to find the perfect set of walking shoes. They will even be able to give you some insights into the great health benefits of walking for 30 minutes each day. Here are just 3 great benefits you may not have been aware of:


The pace of walking puts your heart rate in the perfect range for toning your legs and your bum. While sprinting rockets your heart-rate and is good for you cardio, the slower pace has the most effect in toning your muscles. You can cover a great distance walking for 30 minutes and a brisk walk can even burn just as many calories as if you were going for a jog. Consider power-walking also if you want to change up your walking routines.

Blood and oxygen flow.

One major reasons for the increasing in obesity is the amount of time spent sitting down. Simply getting up from the office chair and taking a half hour walk during your break is a game-changer. It is great not only for your weight but your overall health getting blood flowing to every part of your body. The lack of movement also affects your cognitive abilities; brain fog easily sets in when your body is not moving- after all, your brain is a muscle. A 30 minute walk is perfect to get the blood flowing all over your body and give your brain the oxygen it craves. The increased supply of oxygen also helps to get rid of waste products in the tissues and even drains the lower legs of the excess fluids that lead to varicose veins.

Low impact.

Because you are not continually pounding your feet on the pavement, walking is wonderful in lessening the potential for injuries. There is not only less pressure on your feet but also on your spine. This is why walking if perfect for older folks. The 26 bones, ligaments, and 50-odd muscles in your feet are structured for the very purpose of movement, your feet are screaming out for movement and low impact walking is a great way to get all of your bones and ligaments invigorated. In fact, 30 minutes of low impact walking will also help in straitening out your spine after sitting for so long.

An important thing to keep in mind as you do begin to engage in walking is your technique. Always let the heel land first and smoothly transition your weight to your toes. Have a slight swivel in your hips and try to avoid any bounce as you step. At the end of your walk give your feet a gentle massage and stretch them out just as you would with any muscle.

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