Surprise Someone With A Secret Weekend Bedroom Renovation. Here’s How

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Surely you must have seen the surprise renovation programs that have been popular on television for the last twenty years. Interior designers secretly enter the home of an unsuspecting victim and subject them to a makeover of some kind. Have you sat back at the end of the program and voiced your opinion of the finished result? Often, it is a negative one since some of the work is carried out to a shockingly poor standard.

If you wish to surprise a loved one with a secret weekend bedroom renovation, it is lucky you dropped by. Here are some handy tips that will help you to complete it to a reasonable standard that is sure to please the bemused recipient.


Preparation and planning are everything. You are going to need a good team of people around you is the mission is to be a success. Here are some of the skills that your squad needs.

  • Wallpapering
  • Painting
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • General Labouring

Make sure that your team is assembled and ready to go at the time and date of the big push.

Materials and furniture must all be gathered and ready to use. You will need the help of a relative, friend, or ideally a neighbour to store the bedroom furniture so that it is all in ready to bring in when the decoration is complete. It is unwise to rely on deliveries coming at the right time on the day.

Remove The Victim

Removing the victim is the trickiest part of the whole project. When first beginning to lay your plans, look to the future to see if they have a pre-existing reason to go away for a weekend. Buying them a train ticket out of the blue is bound to give the game away. If you identify a suitable time, then your plans must revolve around it. Keep mentioning the occasion to them and make sure they do not change their mind and pull out for any reason; you may need to be very persuasive.

The Mission Is A Go!

Assuming everything has worked to military precision, work must begin as soon as they are out of the door. Follow this procedure. Remember, tempers may flare with many people working in the room at once.

  • Empty the room. It will take longer than you expect, so crack the whip and make everyone join in.
  • Take up the old floor covering.
  • Take down the curtains.
  • Remove all of the old wallpaper.
  • Rub down the woodwork and apply undercoat. It will be dry in a couple of hours.
  • Paint the ceiling and walls with emulsion.
  • Gloss paint the woodwork.

That is day one in the bag. If all has gone well, rest up for day two.

  • Apply new wallpaper.
  • Swap the light fitting for a new one.
  • Install new window blinds.
  • Fit the new carpet.
  • Bring in the new furniture.
  • Bring their clothes and personal belongings back into the room and pack them away; decluttering as you go.
  • Hang new artwork on the walls.
  • Admire your handiwork.

It all looks so easy when the jobs are on a list, but believe me it isn’t. You will all be exhausted by the end of the job. Did you notice that there is nothing fancy in the room design? Keep it simple to ensure that the finish is of high quality.

Spring the surprise in your own way and make someone very happy. Don’t forget to tell them you read about it here though; credit where credit is due, and all that.

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