Still Booking Your Salon Appointment by Phone? Why?

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With the recent proliferation of mobile applications, and the recent decrease in people being willing to communicate via telephone, it only seems natural that booking health and beauty appointments through a smartphone application is becoming a popular option among salon-goers. There are many advantages to using a booking app to schedule a treatment at a favorite establishment, especially when compared with the previously tried-and-true method of speaking to a receptionist over the phone. While patrons may miss their monthly (or weekly, depending on your level of self-care) chats with their receptionist friends, they generally discover that the added convenience of using an app for this type of activity outweighs the lack of human interaction involved in the process.


Probably the largest advantage mobile scheduling apps have productivity-wise is that they allow you to book whenever you have time, not whenever a receptionist is on duty. For example, say you are having a bout with insomnia at 2am and feel like being productive rather than doing battle with Mr. Sandman; using a booking application will allow you to use this time to make a hair-coloring appointment. Another way that using booking applications will help you to be more productive is that you will find yourself spending less time time actually completing the booking process. Rather than haggling with the receptionist in order to find a suitable appointment time that fits with your schedule, many apps offer the ability to simply check the availability of your favorite stylist and plug yourself in whenever you are free. In addition, most apps will offer you the option to add your newly booked appointment to your personal calendar and to set reminders, thus unburdening your already frazzled brain from holding onto yet another piece of information.


Although most or all scheduling apps include the features mentioned above, there are a number of characteristics that differentiate them. For one, some apps include customer reviews or tips about how to get the most out of your visit. Others include descriptions from the spa owners themselves, thereby saving you a visit to their website. If you are fiercely devoted to one salon in particular, certain apps will allow you to accumulate loyalty points that can be exchanged for discounts or gift certificates. It is also worth bearing in mind that all apps have a varying amount of inventory available to the user. If you’re like most people, you probably already have more apps on your smartphone then you know what to do with, and would appreciate not needing separate apps to book a haircut, manicure, and massage. You will notice that many salons and spas have branded apps that function only to set up appointments at their locations, but if you are interested in avoiding smartphone clutter it might be wise to find an app that acts as an aggregator. Following along these lines, some apps have expanded beyond solely offering health and beauty services, and will allow you to arrange anything from restaurant reservations at that new Micronesian spot to car repairs on your ‘64 Pinto.


Although there may be some instances in which old-fashioned telephone communication is called for (for example, letting a new stylist know about previous treatments you’ve had so that they can block off the appropriate amount of time for your appointment), in general it is more time-efficient and easier to book health and beauty appointments using a smartphone app. There are a few things to consider when choosing the best app to suit your individual needs, but whichever app you decide on will most decidedly increase your productivity and make your life more convenient.


This post is provided by the creative team at Pingup. Pingup is an online booking application that allows users to make appointments and book reservations at all types of businesses across the country, you can connect with them here on twitter.

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