Staying Fashionable with a Second Hand Designer Purse

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Designer clothes and accessories cost a fortune, but hefty price tags will not deter die hard fashion lovers when it comes to wearing the labels that they love, for a fraction of the cost. Sites that offer designer clothes and accessories make it easier to sport expensive pieces, from jackets to purses, without having to shell out thousands of dollars.

Stay Fashionable with Designer Purses for Less

Consignment shops offer all sorts of designer items, from D&G capri pants to Louis Vuitton luggage. Purses are also popular in most consignment shops because most women tend to buy purses during shopping binges and end up accumulating more than they can use, especially if the purses suddenly go out of fashion.  Purses, bags and luggage are often easy to find in almost-new condition, although prices will vary according to how well the items were cared for by the previous owner.

A second hand designer purse is often a great bargain if you can find one in pristine condition. You may have to shell out a few hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars for a really well-known designer label, but you can expect a few hundred in savings as well.

Tips When Shopping for a Second Hand Designer Purse

Shop in consignment stores that sell authenticated designer items since you would not want to spend your cash on fake bags. Inspect the items well, taking care to examine the stitching and other small details like buttons, inner linings, flaps, and so on. Go to to know how to spot the fakes from the real items if you are shopping for LV, Chanel, Gucci or Prada purses.

Know the Policy for Returns When Buying a Second Hand Designer Purse

It is also a good idea to only shop in stores that have a return policy in case you discover that your most recent purchase is a fake. Most stores offer a reasonable return policy for fakes, especially if you buy from online consignment shops. This is the reason why experts recommend doing your purse shopping offline, since you can touch and feel the bags and see for yourself if the item is a fake or not. If you have no choice but to shop online, stick to reliable sellers like Walk in my closet or make sure that the return policy is solid.

Opt for White Glove Service

If you really want to make sure that the purses you buy are real and come to you in the best condition, shop in stores that offer white glove service for mint condition items. You can expect to pay more, but the designer items you get will look as good as new.

There is nothing more exhilarating than spending $250 for a thousand dollar Gucci purse. Numerous consignment stores now have hundreds of labels in their inventory so finding that perfect designer purse will not be that hard to do. Whether you are looking for a Kate Spade clutch or a Ferragamo mesh evening bag, you can be sure to find these and other designer accessories at your local consignment shop.

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