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As humans, there should be two main things we want to be, and the answer isn’t skinny and beautiful like so many young girls want to be nowadays. What else could it be? Healthy and Happy, of course! Health should be our number 1 priority, and living a happy life is just as important. The following 6 tips will help you to do just that:


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1.Exercise Regularly

Exercise in any shape or form is great for us! Not only does it help to fight off disease, it releases something called endorphins, which are chemicals that make us feel happier. You know that feeling you get when you eat chocolate? Exercise has the same effect! Find a type that you enjoy and commit to it a couple of times per week. Even just walking can have great health benefits! Mix things up to keep it interesting.

2.Watch Your Diet

A healthy diet filled with vitamins and minerals will help us to stay healthy. As the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’, and in a way this is true. If you eat rubbish, you look unhealthy. If you eat fresh, healthy foods you can tell! A healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring though. Take a look online for some amazing recipes that taste naughty, but are actually filled with fresh, clean food!

3.Practice Good Hygiene

Cleanliness is next to godliness, don’t you think? Practicing good hygiene not only makes people more inclined to spend time with us, but also stops us from getting things like athlete’s foot and body fungus. Simply drying yourself properly and washing your gym clothes before wearing them again can help.

4.Get a Regular Health Checkup

Regular health check ups help us to find any issues early on before they have a chance to develop. You don’t need to be a hypochondriac, but having a doctor’s appointment every 6 months just to make sure everything is in working order can be a big help.


Humans are social creatures, so it’s important that we go out and do things with our friends. Fairs, festivals, holidays, and even a simple night out can all help us to feel happier with a more positive outlook on life.

6.Take Time to Relax

That’s right – just relax. If your life is so busy that you never have any time to yourself, you’ll eventually burn out. You need to make sure that you take some time to yourself. That might be reading a good book, taking a long bath with candles, pampering yourself with a face mask, or meditating.

The above 6 tips will help you to stay healthy and happy at all times. Always fill your mind with positive thoughts and do things that make you happy. Stop being obsessed with being thin, beautiful, or anything other than healthy and happy. Healthy, happy people are the most beautiful anyway. Life’s far too short to do anything else!

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