Star Spotting In Los Angeles

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If you’re an avid gossip magazine reader and can’t live without your daily celeb news fix, there’s nowhere better for your vacation than Los Angeles. Home to the rich and famous, California’s star mecca is the best place in the world to see celebrities. Plan ahead so that you boost your odds of spotting a star, while getting an amazing vacation out of it, too.


Get on a tour

If you want to be guided around Hollywood by an expert, consider booking yourself onto a movie star homes tour, or celebrity hot spots tour. These are often by bus, and you’ll hear plenty of great stories and gossip from the guides, even if you don’t spot an actual celeb along the way. Celebrity news website TMZ offers their own tour, or there are old classics like the Hop-On Hop-Off Double Decker or Starline tours.

Be seen in the right places

To up your changes of spotting someone famous, you have to hang out in the same places they do. Try Brentwood Country Mart retail village for some shopping and lunch out, work out at Runyon Canyon to catch a glimpse of your favorite star getting sweaty, or take the kids for a run around and a picnic at Pacific Palisades Recreation Center. All these spots are usually packed with celebrities; just be subtle with your camera phone.

Eat with the stars

If you can book yourself a table (make sure you call a couple months ahead!), there are particular restaurants in LA that are always sure things for celeb spotting. Cavern offers delicious classic Californian food in both casual and more formal room options, along with a more chilled out bakery/café, the Larder, where stars can often be seen sipping on coffees. For the chicest sushi in town, check out Nobu, where Robert DeNiro is co-founder. Just be sure to stick to the main dining room rather than the touristy bar.

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