Spend Less on Pricey Museum Admission with Membership Discounts

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If you are a fan of the plethora of museums around the UK that do not offer free entry, you will probably be looking for the next best thing next to no cost admission which is discounted ticket prices. Fortunately for you, there are quite a few ways through which you may be able to obtain discounted tickets for those institutions that do charge for entry. 

The Museums Association

For serious students, tourists and professionals alike who have a burning interest in the UK’s best pay-for museums and exhibitions, you may want to consider a membership with the Museums Association in order to cut the costs of visiting many buildings that will charge individual fees. As a member of the distinguished organisation, you will not only receive free or discounted admission to museums that do charge, but you will receive a copy of the Museums Monthly journal, invitations to members only meetings, and access to a wealth of online museum related archives and information. 

A variety of membership styles are available, ranging from student to professional to commercial to volunteer membership access. A student membership, for example, is £54, while a professional membership is slightly more pricey at £72. By visiting Payday Loans Online your one off payment may be affordable without tapping into your monthly budget or savings. Those who pay for their membership with a direct debit card in total can save 10% on the fee. 

However, what you will be more interested is how much you can save on museum entry with a membership. With a membership card, you can now get in for free to all the Historical Royal Palaces sites, such as the Tower of London and the Hampton Court Palace, which normally charge up to £18 per entry. The Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery and the Romans Bath Museum, which charge around £7 to £13 each for entry, will allow you in for free if you are a Museums Association member. Essentially, your membership will pay for itself within approximately five visits to a museum that charges entry. So if you find yourself visiting more than five of these museums per year, you will save on fees by purchasing a Museums Association membership, and also then will be able to patronize more institutions for little cost to you once your membership is paid for.

Entry Fee Exhibitions within Free Museums

Another scenario you may encounter that will find you paying for museum entry is those exhibitions which require an entry fee located within otherwise fee free museums. An example of this might be the exhibition entitled “Beyond El Dorado: Power and Gold in Ancient Colombia” which is currently on show at the British Museum, a no charge institution. 

For circumstances such as this, you can still save yourself a bundle and avoid paying full price by seeking out a popular voucher for discounted entry to that specific exhibition. Your top place to begin looking for a coupon of this kind might the Days Out Guide which offers plenty of two for one ticket offers to various museums and exhibitions throughout the UK. The Benjamin Franklin House and the Black Country Living Museum are examples of two other locations offering two for one deals through the Days Out Guide. 

Smartsave, too, is a popular UK service which offers 20% discount vouchers for many museums and art galleries. There is no upfront commitment; you will simply print off the deal and present it when asked to pay for the museum or exhibition in question. These Smartsave vouchers are only valid for somewhere between one and six tickets, and are not available to further discount group rates. Among their offerings are institutions such as the Cartoon Museum, British Golf Museum, and Design Museum in London. 

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