Simple Steps for Making Over Your Closet

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How can you tell when your closet needs a makeover? One: You find yourself standing there thinking you have nothing to wear in spite of the fact that the closet is packed! Two: You have several items that have only been worn once or twice. Three: You feel that your outfits are tired or boring. If any of these tell-tale signs sound like your situation, then it is time to take a close look at the elements of your wardrobe. Determine which items are okay to save and which need to go.

Do the Items in Your Wardrobe Pass the Test?

Before you chuck anything out or hang it back into the closet, run it through this test:

  • Foundational: You’ll quickly recognize these wardrobe pieces. These are the black pants or great jacket that you turn to without even thinking. You won’t be able to give these items up without feeling that there is a gaping hole in your closet.
  • Classic: It is clearly important to keep your wardrobe on trend. However, some closet essentials must be classic enough to wear on any occasion without looking inappropriate. Consider the little black dress. This classic can be combined with other elements to be appropriate for the opera or for a night of fun.
  • Flexible: Can you wear the shirt, pants, or pair of stockings in multiple outfits – casual or dressed up? With just a few of these items, you should be able to create many different outfits. If the item isn’t versatile, then it is not an essential. Set it aside.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Love of Trendy Style

Stocking your closet full of wardrobe essentials does not mean that you have to give up your love of modern pieces. Instead, you use these items as a canvas on which to build the rest of your wardrobe. For example, a classic pair of pants and a basic shirt can go from business casual to fun and trendy with the right accessories, such as a fun pair of colorful socks.

Invest in the quality of your essentials. Make sure you choose top quality pieces. This gives you the freedom to make impulsive purchases when trendy items catch your eye.

Getting Started

Once you have separated your closet contents into those that are essential and those that are not, you are ready to get organizing. Start by putting your tops together, pants, jeans, etc. Next, sort each of these elements by color. Write down the items that you are missing, so that you can create a shopping plan. Are you missing items from your essentials? Buy these items first.

Be brave and get rid of that super cute skirt that you have only worn once. Think of this sacrifice as a way to make space for a new skirt that you will actually wear.

Do You Need Some Help?

If you are looking at your wardrobe in dismay, then consider asking a professional for help. A closet makeover can be time-saving and confidence-inspiring. Maybe you have the essentials down, but you don’t know how to add the elements that make your wardrobe fun. Consider getting professional help in one specific area. For example, the sock drawer makeover from Nice Laundry is just $99 and can add the element of fun and trendy style that you have been struggling to work out on your own.

As one season begins to give way to the next, you are probably getting anxious for a wardrobe update. Keep the essentials in mind and learn how to add trendy elements to this clean canvas. Embrace the new season head on with a functional and fun new wardrobe.

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