Should You Listen to Vida Vacations Fraud Allegations? No, and Here’s Why

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Is there really a Vida Vacations fraud running rampant, taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists? A number of reviews have been making the rounds on the Internet about this travel company, claiming fraudulent activity. When investigating a little deeper into the situation, however, it’s clear that such posts have no validity or authenticity, and Vida Vacations has no part in scamming its visitors.

Should You Count on All Review Sites to Tell the Truth?

Internet review sites are open forums. The fact that anyone can post anything they want about any individual or company can be a dangerous thing. With such anonymity involved with Internet posts and reviews, users can post anything they want to write – truthful or not – without having to take responsibility for their claims or provide any kind of evidence. In the case of the Vida Vacations fraud allegations, the negative posts that have surfaced are coming primarily from sites dedicated to slandering companies by posting fake reviews.

Flood of Seemingly Simultaneous Negative Reviews Smells Fishy

Legitimate posts and reviews about a travel company like Vida Vacations – or any company for that matter – typically should flow through the Internet in a fairly steady pattern, and typically are quite diverse in nature. As soon as a host of similar-sounding posts start showing up within a very short time span, it would seem that something is awry. With a company as large as Vida Vacations, there will surely be a large number of reviews made about them, but the slanderous reviews that have recently surfaced on the web are coming in simultaneously, which definitely raises some serious red flags about their authenticity.

Are These Vida Vacations Fraud Allegations Coming From Actual Guests?

Companies will typically take a legitimate negative review about their organization and use it as a tool to improve their services. However, when fake reviews start showing up en masse, it can seriously hurt the reputation of a resort, which is often the purpose behind such reviews. The majority of real reviews about Vida Vacations are coming from travel site reviewers that have reviewed a number of resorts for years, and are in good standing with travel review sites. In the case of allegations against Vida Vacations Cancun, a large portion of the slanderous reviews are coming from accounts with zero history on these review sites – which means there is a very high probability they were specifically created to post negative reviews about this alleged fraud, and nothing else. Investigating these reviews shows that they are coming from people who have not reviewed any resort other than Vida Vacations Cancun.

Comparing Negative Reviews to the Positive

It’s important to point out that, despite such negative reviews that are clearly fraudulent, Vida Vacations boasts an average overall rating of 80% (four out of five stars) among travel site reviewers. Such positive reviews are coming from legitimate sites like, who have hundreds of reviews about Vida Vacations that have been posted consistently over the past few years. These reviews have been written by users who actively post multiple reviews about various resorts. The host of negative online reviews alleging Vida Vacations fraud have all sorts of suspicious traits about them, which should prompt anyone reading them to question their validity and the authors’ intentions. Most of these reviews definitely should not be trusted – the fact that a swarm of these reports have surfaced seemingly all at once should leave readers skeptical of their authenticity. It’s easy to make allegations of misconduct online, which means web users should learn to identify fake online reviews. Once you know how to sort out the misinformation, it’s possible to get an accurate and fair picture of Vida Vacations Cancun.

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