Saving Money With Discount Bamboo Shades

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Preparing your house for extreme seasons like harsh winters and hot, humid summers calls for you to take several steps. You have to weather strip and caulk your windows before winter starts to keep cold air from seeping inside the rooms of your house. To beat the heat, you may have to put away fire logs, clean out air ducts and store away heavy blankets. To truly prepare your house for extreme seasons, you may also have to install new window treatments.

For example, light curtains might invite far too much cold air inside your home during winter. Until you realize the problem is your window treatments, you might keep turning your thermometer up, increasing the amount of money you have to spend on utilities. On the other hand, if you don’t where to find the best window treatments like bamboo shades on sale, you could overspend on the products. Payless Decor carries varies styles of discount bamboo shades.

You can save money on window treatments like discount bamboo shades by buying shades and blinds that have a high energy efficiency rating. House Logic says, “Many energy-efficient window coverings have insulating values of R-2 to R-4, effectively doubling the insulating value of a standard, premium vinyl window with double-pane glass and a low-E coating.” To continue, “An average house featuring 15 windows outfitted with energy-efficient window coverings can achieve an annual energy savings of $150.”

Get a combination of privacy and energy costs savings by installing window treatments like discount bamboo shades that have a high energy efficiency rating and enough breadth or thickness to keep people from seeing inside the rooms of your home. If you want to let loads of sunshine inside a room, try hanging curtains in front of your windows. This will allow you to continue to have privacy even while the shades are rolled up.

By properly measuring your windows before shopping for discount bamboo shades, you can avoid installing shades that are too small or too large for your windows. Buy window treatments that are too small and cold air could seep inside your windows, potentially raising your utility expenses. Window treatments that are too large could keep too much heat inside the rooms at your house or apartment during the heart of summer.

After you get the exact measurements of your windows, take them to an interior design retailer so the retailer can custom cut your window treatments. If not that, at least you’ll be able to select window treatments that are as close to the size of your windows as possible. As a tip, the way you install your window treatments has an impact on the size of treatments you’ll need. For example, if you install discount bamboo shades from the top inside edge of your windows, you may need shorter shades versus if you install the window treatments from the top outer edge of your windows.

The same applies to whether or not you want to hang your window treatments from the inner or outer edges of your windows. It’s these steps that can save you more money, in utility costs.

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