Rainy Day Activities for the Whole Family

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The weather’s turned just in time for the weekend and now the kids are trapped inside. You need a plan to keep them entertained so they don’t tear the house down around your ears. But what can you do? Where do you start? Here’s a few ideas to set you on the right track.

Movie Day

Curate your own rainy day film festival. Pick some family friendly movies (this URL to get some ideas from the Warner Bros website), arrange some movies snacks, get comfy on the couch, and see how many you can get through. It’s a great opportunity to expose your kids to the great movies of your childhood. Have they seen Star Wars yet? Labyrinth? E.T.? Space Jam? Give them a proper film education.

Board Games

If you manage to run out of movies, you could move onto board games. There’s plenty of great options out there that the whole family can enjoy. Classics like Settlers of Catan and Monopoly or new-school games like Betrayal at House on the Hill or Gloom make for an excellent way to pass the time. Even games like Dungeons & Dragons that previously took up a whole day to play now come in pre-packaged, self-contained adventure packs.

Video Games

Board games too old-fashioned for the younger members of your family? What about video games? There are loads of great games that the whole family can play on any number of consoles. For example, TT Games’ series of Lego games cover a wide variety of popular movie properties and feature co-operative play. If you’re more competitive, something like Super Smash Bros for Wii U might be more your speed, offering competitive play for up to eight simultaneous players.

Pillow Fort

Okay, so now the kids have watched movies and played video games – that’s all their TV time for the day. Why not try something really old school? Build a pillow fort. Pull the couches apart, get out all the bedsheets and pillows, and construct a fabric bastion against any incursion from the outside world. Kids love building a fort and you’ll have a lot of fun helping them put it together.

Bake Up a Storm

Maybe the rain’s caused the temperature to drop a bit. That’s a great excuse to have the oven on for a few hours! Put your baking skills to the test and whip up anything you like – cookies, a cake, an apple pie, brownies… there’s no wrong answer here. Even if you aren’t the world’s best cook, just use a packet mix. The kids will love getting to help and then they get to lick all the spoons and beaters afterwards. Plus, later in the day, you get to eat delicious things!

Coming up with ways to keep the family amused on a rainy day is about being creative and well-prepared. Maintain momentum and have something else to move onto in case one option falls through. What are your favourite activities for keeping the family occupied on a rainy day? Comment below!

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