Purchases That Will ‘Deck Out’ Your Caravan

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The freedom of being able to traverse the wide open spaces of your homeland, wandering at your own pace and pulling over as you see fit is undeniably one of the most appealing things about the caravanning lifestyle. Not only do you have the option to go wherever the road takes you, caravanning allows you to explore some of the less visited places, while not missing anything noteworthy in between.

Since your campervan, RV, caravan, motorhome – or whatever you refer to it as, is essentially your home away from home, it’s worth decking it out with the right equipment so you’ll be 100 per cent comfortable wherever you stop. If these aren’t already on your RV wish list, here’s some inspiration to pimp your van, to ensure a ‘wheely’ good journey – no matter where you are.

Outdoor Barbeque and Cooktop

Even though your caravan may include some cooking facilities, a portable outdoor barbeque will expand your cooking options, allowing you to grill a diverse range of foods – including that delicious bacon and eggs breakfast. For those in the market for a new barbeque suitable for camping and caravanning, check out products from ranges such as Ziegler and Brown, which is available on the Barbeques Galore website.

Retractable Awning

Bring the shade to you and extend the living space of your van into the outdoors with an awning off the side of your van. An easily retractable awning to pull out and stow away as needed will provide shelter and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors, in any weather.

Foldable Table

A versatile table that doubles as a bench top is an essential component of fitting out a caravan. Since you’re going to need a surface to eat, play cards, prepare food, and even wash dishes, it’s worth investing in a good stable and adaptable surface. Look for tables that can be folded away to free up space and can be moved around, including outside. A table measuring 0.5m x 0.5 is usually a good starting point in terms of size, but depending on available space, the bigger table you can accommodate the better.


The fridge is maybe the single biggest piece of equipment you’ll depend on for life on the road. Ideally the fridge you’ll use will be able to run off LPG gas, main power and 12-volt power and be big enough to meet your needs, without draining power. If you’re travelling in the tropics, a fridge with a higher climate rating is recommended.


A generator allows you the peace of mind to have backup power if you’re stopping in a remote site where there is no main power. Not only will it keep the fridge and the TV running, you’ll also keep the lights on – all you need is the fuel. It’s worth choosing a model designed for recreational purposes and one that uses as little as 300mls of fuel per hour. Look for generators designed for recreational purposes, which will provide the needed power but will be quieter than models used in an industrial setting.

Smart Storage Solutions

Finally, a properly decked out caravan will also have plenty of smart storage. If your van isn’t already equipped with cupboards, shelves and other storage solution there are a number of different storage units and other storage accessories available from RV retailers. Just choose the ones that suit your needs and style preferences.

What else do you recommend to pimp your caravan and deck it out to truly make it like home? Let us know with a comment and share the equipment that is a must-have for any caravanning expedition

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