Out Of Ideas? 5 Quirky Gift Ideas For The Youth Of Today

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The youth of today seem to be very wary of keeping up with the latest trends – and these trends can and will turn on a dime. This can make buying gifts difficult, but this does not need to be the case. Here are some suggestions that are unique and quirky, and will be guaranteed to impress any young person you might need to buy for.

Phone/iPad docks

With so many people now owning iPads, tablets and smartphones, a quirky dock is almost a need for everyone. There are so many different types of docks you can buy, ranging from ones that have been hand carved from all types of wood to ones repurposed from old books – there are so many great ideas to choose from. The best thing is, most of these often also double as alarm clocks, allowing the beneficiary of your gift to


There are many different types of cameras that will allow you to print photos almost instantaneously – a call back to the good old days of proper Polaroid cameras. There are a number of great brands to pick from, just be wary that normally you will need to buy a packet of film alongside the camera itself.

An out of the ordinary experience

An experience is always a great gift, as the memories created from the experience will most likely stay with them forever. There are so many different types of experiences you can choose to gift, ranging from skydiving, race car driving, bungee jumping and many more. There are even some websites that will allow you to gift a voucher of a certain amount, meaning that your giftee can choose for themselves as well!

Stationery with a twist

No matter who you are, stationery will always be useful. There has been a recent surge in quirky styles of stationery, fit for anyone – not just the youth of today. From funny reminder post-it notes to cute animal pencil holders and notepads, you will most certainly be able to find something out of the ordinary and special, no matter who you are buying for.


Skateboards can be a risky gift, but they can be perfect for the right person. If you want to make their skateboard extra special, the Penny Skateboard website allows you to create your own custom penny skateboards as a great gift that will most certainly be welcomed with open arms.

So there you have it – five great quirky gift ideas fit for any young person you may know. Of course, there are so many more, you just have to go looking! Pinterest is a great place to get started if you’re just looking for ideas, and Etsy is another fantastic website to visit for unique and handmade crafts.

Are you a young person or have you been recently on the hunt for something unique and interesting for a young person? What have you found that you would recommend to others? Are there any websites or physical shops that you think have some great quirky products? Share your experiences and thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

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