Online Psychic Readings and What They Are About

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So you don’t want to go through all of the trouble of finding a local psychic, booking a consultation and waiting for it. You probably also don’t want to spend the time asking around to find out if they are any good or not, especially not if it’s your first time, or you only have one question to ask. Choosing to ask an online psychic is a perfectly logical thing to do and it can save both you and the psychic time. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion surrounding any sort of psychic art, especially when relating to the internet. For that reason, it’s always important to ask questions first and pay after you’ve ascertained they are a good psychic. So, what happens when you get a reading online? When you pay for a reading from The Circle, you can expect an easy, multi-step process that results in you getting your reading as quickly and easily as possible.  

Finding the Psychic  

The first step to getting your online psychic reading is of course, to find your psychic in the first place. You don’t want just any psychic and you don’t want just any type of psychic. You need someone who not only has a good reputation, but also offers the skills that you need. While many forms of mysticism are designed to answer questions, they typically answer different types of questions. Do you want to know about your deceased love one? Your best bet is a true, trained medium that can contact and talk with the spirits of the dead. If you want to know a question about a relationship, astrology and tarot are usually the best places to turn. If you’re worried about surgery, astrology and Tarot can also help. Mostly you just have to look around and find someone who can answer the questions that you have rather than picking the first psychic you come across.  

Preparing for a Reading  

It is also important to prepare before you go into an online reading. Most readings are limited to a specific amount of time, so you want to make sure that you know what you want to ask. If you just want to ask one or two questions then you don’t have to worry about this quite as much. However, you should write your questions down first and make sure that you’ve thought them out very well. Some psychics only answer a specific number of questions per consultation, but you can usually see which is which from their bio which includes what they offer. If you have a lot of questions consider purchasing a longer period of time, or choose someone who doesn’t mind how many questions you have. A good average is four to ten, depending on how long the session is.  

Getting the Reading  

Most psychic websites like The Circle allow you to sign up and then easily check to see which psychics are online. From there, you can choose one and hire them to give you a reading. Unfortunately rates greatly vary because they do depend on the psychic and not the psychic website. At this point it is also a good idea to check the integrity of the website before you make a hire. Payment methods vary, although PayPal and Credit Cards are common.   


There are many ways that psychic readings are delivered online, but for the most part they are delivered into a few basic categories including chat/email, written results, photos and live video. The video option is typically the best for anyone who wants to interact with their psychic but anything that calls for a long casting might not be available as a live video. For example, should you choose to have someone consult with an angel or a spirit, it might not happen immediately so you may have to wait for your answer and receive it via message. This is perfectly normal as some types of psychics need time to consult before they can truly answer your questions. Other types of psychics can offer very fast results in a 20 to 30 minute session, so you can live chat with them to ask your questions.  

Getting an online psychic reading is probably easier than you think, and most importantly it’s time saving. Most online psychics also charge less than their brick and mortar shop competitors, so you can also save a bit of money as well. If you’re worried about getting an online consultation, don’t, just be careful, choose your psychic from a good website and think your objective through before you start the session.  

Megan Flurry is a psychic with twelve years of experience as an astrologist. She’s currently writing blogs and offers consultations, star chart readings and advice to her clients.

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