No-Sacrifice Zone: Maternity Jeans That Rock and Roll

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There was a time in the not so distance past, when a woman who was pregnant was relegated to drab and unflattering fashion. Well, those days are long gone. Being pregnant does not mean that you have to sacrifice fashion in the slightest. There are a lot of fashionable maternity clothes that totally rock. 

When it comes to maternity jeans there are an unbelievable amount of styles and colors to choose from. Investing in maternity jeans will allow you to address two issues in one move. You will be able to maintain a sense of style and fashion, all the while creating a more comfortable wardrobe choice. As you move out of the first trimester, you will likely find out that your pre-pregnancy jeans will no longer fit. Maternity jeans provide an exceptional amount of comfort because of the stretchable band that expands around the belly area. This band provides a comfortable fit as well as support for your growing baby bump.

Buying maternity jeans is a much more flattering option than simply attempting to go up in jean size. Maternity jeans provide a fit that accentuates your shape, while allowing you to feel a high level of comfort around your waist.

When to Start

According to eBay, you should actually transition into your maternity jeans before you actually reach the point in which your body forces you to. Normally this will be as you move into your second trimester; you will begin to feel your regular jeans fitting too tightly. Initially you may be able to use a maternity band with your regular jeans, but eventually you will outgrow that as well. You will continue to be able to use the maternity band, but you will need to switch to maternity jeans. Both – the maternity band and the maternity jeans – will offer support for the belly and the lower back.

As your baby bump continues to grow you will come to appreciate the extra support that you get from the maternity jeans. Add in the fact that your jeans are stylish and flattering and you have a winning combination.

Choosing the Right Style

When choosing your maternity jeans it is important to choose the right style. According to Tracy Porpora, a fashion expert, you want to find maternity jeans that have the capacity to grow as you grow. This means you will probably want to choose jeans with stretchable fabric. Choose jeans that will accentuate your particular shape. According to Baby Med, having jeans made from cotton with a small of amount of spandex woven into the fabric will ensure that the cotton does not stretch out of shape.

When you are choosing the style, you will take a similar approach to purchasing regular jeans. Fit is important, but so is cut and wash. Darker wash jeans will create a more slender appearance. Also consider your personal style, you don’t have to sacrifice your style because of your pregnancy. Boot cut jeans are flattering to a number of body types, especially those fuller body types, so they may be a good choice in your situation. As your belly and other parts of your body continue to grow, different styles will be more flattering than others. You may have to play around with the different looks as your body changes. The key is not to throw fashion to the wind.

Don’t Over Purchase

Many pregnant mothers have a tendency to over purchase when it comes to maternity clothes, meaning they buy too much at once. Keep in mind that this is not a permanent condition and that you will be changing as you progress. This means you will even outgrow some of the maternity clothes that you are purchasing. It is much better to buy as you go.

There is no reason to feel that you can’t be fashionable or even sexy while you are pregnant. It may take a little time and effort, but you will be able to find the right style of maternity jeans to help accentuate your growing baby bump. Fashion is still within your grasp.

Megan Barnes adores maternity fashion. As a mother herself, she enjoys blogging about the style challenges many women face to help them look and feel beautiful at all times.

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