New Trends in Golf Fashion Feature Slimmer Styles

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Just a little over two years ago, Criquet Shirts made their appearance on the golf-clothing scene. However, unlike other companies that produce golf fashion, they didn’t focus their advertising on PGA winners and pro-golfers. Instead, they made the famous character from the 1980 film “Caddyshack,” Ty Webb, their unofficial mascot. When asked why they did this, the founders of this company stated that they wanted their clothes to be worn by the gentleman golfer that isn’t always chasing the latest trends in golf fashion and carries his bag with him by himself out on the golf course. The new clothing line by Criquet Shirts represents new trends that are arising in golf fashion. Now, golf fashion represents a sport where men can make playing golf as much of a lifestyle choice as it is a sport.

Where Golfers are Shopping

Although new trends in golf apparel are arising, many pro players, like Tiger Woods, still wear the brands that they are endorsing, simply because, well, they get paid to do so. However, many golf companies are reviving their lines of golf fashion to resemble fashion trends from the golden age of golfing and country club style. In order to embrace the history of the game, new golf fashion includes a slimmer and cleaner look without logos or flashy accessories that can make a golfer feel ridiculous if they were to go grab a drink with friends after a round of golf.

Golfers that are adapting these new trends typically range in age from their 20s to 40s and have opted to shop at online golf fashion providers instead of pro-shops and golf-outlets to find the latest in golf fashion. This change is partly due to the prevalence of upgraded public golfing courses and the desires of golfers to go play a round and golf and leave without troubling with changing in the locker room.

When Fashion Meets Function

Famous actors to financial advisors state that they want to look more like the classic players when out on the course and not stick out in society because of their outfit when they leave. Golf fashion providers are hearing this desire. For example, the golf apparel company, Maide, now features clothing and polo shirts that are lightweight, fitting, and resemble something the famous Arnold Palmer would have worn back in the 1950’s. Instead of focusing on logos, their clothing features details that aren’t likely to go out of fashion as time goes by.

Not only has golf fashion undergone several changes, but so have the accessories. Many golf accessory companies are reviving looks found in past decades. For example, Mckenzie Golf Bag Company is now creating nylon bags with a single strap and either one or two pockets. The emphasis on minimalist accessories allows golfers to focus on what the game of golf is really about when they are out on the course. Shoes have also gone under a transformation in order to pay homage to classic golf fashion. For example, one of the notable shoe choices from the footwear company Allen Edmond’s spring line featured a green and white saddle shoe. Other footwear companies, like Royal Albatross, are also coming out with golfing shoes that are simple, yet sophisticated.

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