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Couple Workouts for You & Your Partner

Working out is always easy and more fun with a partner, but it can be so much more than simply having someone there to encourage you. There are plenty of exercises and workouts that are structured specifically around having two people. These couple workouts are a great way to spice up your daily exercise routine with something a little more interactive. Athletic wear provider SweatVac Performance Wear lists a few of the best couples’ exercises for you and your partner to try together. 

1. The Pull  Release Row

You will need a beach towel for this one. Sit, facing your partner, with your knees bent slightly and the soles of your feet touching. Each of you grab an end of the towel. You begin, slowly pulling the towel toward yourself as your partner releases it. Pull it into your midsection, like you’re playing tug of war, and then it’s your partner’s turn to pull as you squeeze your lats hard and release. Continue to switch directions until your set is complete. Keep your back straight throughout.

2. The Passion Pass

This move may be difficult if there is a significant height difference between you and your partner, but it is worth a try. Standing back to back with your partner, slowly lower into a squat, which you will maintain throughout. Use both your hands to hold a ball at chest level. You twist right to pass the ball to your partner, they twist left to receive it. Switch directions, and your partner passes the ball back to you.

3. The Decline Sit-Up

Begin with your partner kneeling on the ground. Sit on their lap and wrap your legs around their waist. Steady yourself by crossing your feet at the ankles. Slowly lower yourself down until your head touches the ground. Your lower back should be resting on your partner’s upper thighs. Keep your arms out to the side. From this, the decline position, tighten your abs to do a sit-up. Repeat. The decline in this exercise gives you a wider range of motion than you would have simply doing sit-ups on the floor.

4. The Manual Resistance Push-Up

Start in the standard push-up position, with your partner straddling your back with their hands on your shoulders. As you do regular push-ups, your partner gently pushes on your shoulders, with just enough resistance that you have to work to resist the downward motion. It may take a try or two to figure out the exact right amount of pressure to give you a good workout.

5. The Couples Lunge

Use two exercise bands for this simple exercise. Start back-to-back, about a foot away from your partner. Hold one end of a band in each hand while your partner holds the opposite ends. Extend your arms to your sides, shoulder height, palms facing forward. With the arms raised, each of you lunges forward. In the lunge position, both of you bring your hands together in front of your chest and release. Return to standing positions and switch legs.

6. The Towel Leg Curl

Grab a beach towel before starting this one. Lie down on the floor, face down, with your forehead resting in your hands and a pillow under your hips to support your lower back. Press into the floor with your toes as if you are about to do a push up as your partner wraps the towel around your ankles. You then pull your heels up toward your glutes, as your partner pulls away with the towel, resisting the movement. Squeeze your hamstrings at the top, with your partner still pulling. Your partner then pulls your legs back down as you gently resist the movement.

Do not limit couple exercises to this list. Fitness Magazine provides more ideas for couples to get fit together. Stay healthy! 

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