Men, Women and Hats: Everything You Need to Know to Be Fashionable Instead of a Slacker

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Each year, more than 43 million baseball hats are sold in the US. That results in the hat industry generating over $2 billion in revenue every year. Because hundreds of thousands of hats are sold each week, there are a lot of men and women who own hats. And if someone buys one hat, chances are they’re going to end up buying another one at some point.

Since most individuals who have at least one hat own a handful or more, they can be a pretty prominent part of someone’s wardrobe. As a result, there are plenty of examples of people looking silly instead of stylish. To help you avoid making the same mistakes, we’re going to cover some basic hat guidelines for both men and women:

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Men, Use Your Hats for Style Instead of an Excuse

While men can look good in a flat cap, beanie, trilby or even a western hat, since baseball caps are the most common, that’s what we’re going to focus on. Although it seems obvious, the silliest mistake men make is leaving the sticker on the bill of their baseball cap. Unless you’re 13 years old, take the sticker off. The next is to always choose hats that are the right fit instead of a few sizes too large. Additionally, while a hat can look good forwards or backwards, choose one instead of trying to cock your hat at an off-center angle.

And if you want to be a gentleman, take your hat off whenever you go inside! Even though you may not think it’s a big deal, many people still see this as a sign of rudeness. The main exception to that rule are hats like kippahs that are religious in nature. In that case, Jewish men are actually supposed to wear this type of hat when they’re inside a synagogue.

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How Hats Can Make Women Fashionable

Gossip sites are full of female celebrities wearing hats. While some of the pictures look great, others don’t work out as well. The good news is you can learn from celebrities’ mistakes and avoid making your own hat fashion faux pas.

Women can definitely look quite stylish in a baseball cap. However, instead of opting for one with a logo, a better option is a solid black leather baseball cap. This option will look great if you’re heading out for a day of shopping or errands. And if you really want to wear a baseball cap with some type of logo, just make sure it’s done in an appropriate setting.

Another type of hat that can look great on women is a beanie. It can look especially stylish when paired with an outfit like a leather skirt, sneakers and vibrant lipstick. Just remember that as with any type of baseball cap, even the most fashionable beanie is going to look out of place if you try wearing it in a formal setting.

During the warmer months of the year, a woven hat is the perfect option for any stylish lady. There are two outfits that work especially well with this type of hat. The first is a simple white blouse and a solid pair of worn-in jeans. The second is a flowing patterned sundress. Either option will look really trendy when it’s accented by a nice pair of sunglasses.

Fedoras are another style of hat that have become quite popular in recent years. When it comes to wearing this style, there are two main rules you want to keep in mind. First, don’t match a fedora’s color too perfectly with the rest of your outfit. This type of hat definitely looks better when it creates a little contrast. Second, make sure it fits well. If the angle is off, it’s not going to help pull your look together in the way you want.

Faux fur hats have also recently gained a lot of popularity, thanks in big part to being worn by the always stylish Pippa Middleton. This style of hat can keep you warm and fashionable in even the coldest of weather. Just make sure that you go for a classic look and not one that has any types of ears or other little accents.

Finally, the other type of hat worth mentioning is the newsboy. Celebs like Blake Lively know how to successfully pair this hat with a casual outfit. The main thing to be sure of is that you always opt for a newsboy hat with a simple design instead of one with gaudy accents like rhinestones on it!

Veda Brown is a personal shopper for both men and women. Her favorite part of the job is showing people just how good they can look without needing to spend a small fortune. 

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