Keeping Your Kids Occupied During Summer Travels

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When summertime is around the corner, what do many families do?

If you answered go on summer travels, you are exactly right.

Making those summer trips more enjoyable is when the kids are having fun too.

Sure, it can be a chore to get your children focused on their vacations, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Remember, time away as a family will provide you with a lifetime of memories, so make them count.

Where Are You Headed?

In heading out on summer vacations, plan things as far in advance as possible.

This makes the adventures more organized. It also leaves less chance of there being major problems cropping up.

Among the decisions to make:

  • Fly or drive? – Depending on where you go, you’ll need to decide if it is a plane trip or by vehicle (see more below). If the former, make sure your children are up to flying. If it will be his or her first time, you may be in for a rude awakening. Often, it is better to wait until they are a little older to take to the friendly skies.
  • Where to stay? – If you are traveling by RV, you can of course stay in your own vehicle, saving money on hotel expenses. That said you may want to crash a night or two in a hotel along the way or once you reach your final destination. Unless this is a camping trip, spending a night in a hotel can be relaxing.
  • What to eat? – In the event you want to save a few dollars on the trip with food, pack some yourself. Taking snacks and drinks cuts down on expensive prices when you stop at a convenience store. You can also lessen the bills by not dining out each night.
  • What to do? – Plan a nice range of activities, some of which can be free. Going on hikes, sightseeing, swimming in the ocean or at a lake etc. won’t cost your family any money in most cases. Also have activities to keep the kids busy in the vehicle getting to your vacation.


Getting There Safely

If you decide to travel to your destination/s by vehicle, make sure it is outfitted for the trip.

The last thing you want or need is to have your vehicle break down or be in an accident.

In the event you are in fact traveling by RV, having added safety features on it is a big help.

For instance, having a RV backup camera installed is a major plus.

That device allows you to see what is behind you. This will decrease the chances of there being a fender-bender or something worse.

If your RV did not come with one of these cameras, you can order one online and install it. Doing so should give you a little more confidence in backing up time after time.

Also carry a cell phone with you at all times.

Even though you will hit pockets of roadway where you will not get reception, you still need the device with you.

It also does not hurt to have a small medical kit with you. That will assist you if you suffer any minor cuts or bruises.

Family vacations can be fun for everyone involved.

To make your trip memorable, become a kid yourself for a few days.

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