Keep The Romance In Your Marriage

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After a few years of marriage and children, it’s not uncommon for your relationship to feel a little stale. With divorce rates skyrocketing and many couples feeling the lack of intimacy creeping in, it’s important to put some time and energy into keeping some romance in your marriage.


Keep communication open

If you’re feeling like your husband or partner is neglecting you, or that something is missing from your relationship, speak up! There’s no need to be confrontational about it; try to bring up the subject in a calm, non-hostile way. Don’t place blame or attack, but express how you’re feeling and ask for what you need to change.


Start dating

Your partner, that is, not other people! Going back to basics and starting over from the beginning can bring new life to your marriage, so plan some date nights where it’s just the two of you, like old times. Agree that you’ll both make an effort to reconnect and talk on these dates, and that you’ll both put a little extra energy into dressing up and making the evening special. Something as simple as a picnic together in the park on a sunny day or a walk in the evening can be a romantic date if you’ve fallen out of the habit.



Sometimes, if we disconnect with the rest of the world, we can reconnect with what really matters. Agree to have a day, or even just an evening, where you turn off your phones, switch off the laptop, power down the tablet and focus on quality time together. You’ll find that the outside distractions really do make an impact.


Write love letters

It may sound cheesy, but it’s really important to remind each other of why you’re married and spending your lives together. Write a letter reminiscing about particular fond memories, and what it is you love about each other. Small romantic gestures like these can make a huge difference, and help you and your partner feel more appreciated.

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