How to Set Up Your Own Family Day Care

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The increasing need for quality child care presents an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in setting up their own family day care business at home. Many parents are opting for home-based child care, recognising the advantages of having their child cared for a nurturing home environment. If you are passionate about working with children this could be a great career choice for you.

What is Family Day Care?

Family Day Care is an approved child care program that you operate out of your home. Family Day Care providers offer quality care and educational experiences from their home. Family Day Care businesses are registered with a Family Day Care service that provides support and training. Family Day Care operates under the National Quality Framework imposed on regular child care centres. Family Day Care can offer full or part time care, out of school hours care, overnight care and even weekend care.

The Advantages

A home based business offers great tax advantages as well as the flexibility of being your own boss and choosing the hours and income level you are most comfortable with. Depending on the need for childcare in your area, you can determine your hours and your fees. Another advantage is that you will get to work with a small group of children, a maximum of four, which allows for lots of individual attention. You also get to design and model your own learning program and due to the small number of children in your care, you can design your program to fit their specific needs.

Qualifications You Will Need

You will require a qualification in Children’s Services to a Certificate 3 level or be actively gaining this qualification. There are lots of flexible training options available to help you. Check out registered training providers like HBA Learning to find out what is on offer. Learning is self-paced. You will also need to hold a current first aid and CPR certificate.

Gaining Accreditation

A national accreditation system is in place to ensure quality care is offered. The advantage of gaining accreditation is that your home based service become government approved and families using your service are eligible for child care fee subsidies.

Your home will need to meet certain criteria to be deemed eligible for accreditation. You are required to provide a safe and educational environment for children in your care. Your property will be assessed and you will be advised of any modifications or changes you need to make to receive accreditation. If you are living in a rental property you are required to notify your landlord of your intentions to set up a Family Day Care business at home.

Other Requirements

You will need to secure pubic liability insurance if you wish to become a Family Day Care service provider. You also need appropriate clearances to work with children in any capacity.
Running a Family Day Care business offers a rewarding and flexible career that you can undertake at home. It is well worth the efforts involved in getting set up.

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