How to Reduce your Kitchen Waste

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As environmental concerns grow, the amount of waste we produce is coming under scrutiny. Every year in the UK we produce 177 million tons of rubbish, which all has to be collected and processed, and although much of this is now recycled – an unnecessary amount ends up in landfill, polluting our environment.

In the home, the kitchen generates the most waste – leftovers, food scraps, cartons and containers are never ending, resulting in many of us struggling to shut the dustbin come collection day. So how exactly can we curb our kitchen waste?

Keep your fridge healthy!

Make sure your fridge is in the best possible condition – ensure it’s kept at the right temperature (between 1 and 5°) so that your food stays fresher for longer. Also make sure you check the seals are properly intact, otherwise your fridge will struggle to maintain a healthy temperature. This is especially true of older appliances, so have a look into new eco-friendly fridges! If your fridge could do with a checkup, consider the team at Domex appliance repairs.

Rotate your food

Everytime you re-stock your cupboards, make sure anything that’s going out of date is kept near the front. Then you’ll avoid the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ problem of finding food when it’s gone out of date.

Utilise your freezer

If you cook for a large family, it’s easy to do far too much! So instead of throwing away the leftovers, freeze the excessive food in meal sized portions for easy, waste reducing ready meals.


Packaging has to be one of the things that takes up most space in you bin – whether it’s empty jars, bottles or takeaway containers. Even though most of these things can be recycled now, the processes still have an impact on the environment. Instead try reusing the containers to freezer leftovers or for pack lunches – it’ll save you buying endless plastic food storage containers too! 

Boycott bottled water

Instead of buying an endless supply of bottled water, invest in a water filter or just keep a jug of cold water in the fridge – it’ll save you money too! Many modern fridge freezers even have the capacity to filter and dispense cool drinking water so it’s always available when you want it.

Feed the garden

Much of our kitchen waste isn’t actually waste at all. Vegetable peelings, tea bags, newspapers and even egg shells can be used to provide your garden with nutrients, so consider composting as much as you can. It will give your garden a boost and leave more space in your bin!

Buy only what you need

Think about the meals you’ll be having, check the cupboards and make a list before you go shopping. stick to this list, don’t go over the top buying ‘special offers’ that save pennies, if you know you won’t use them and remember the golden rule – don’t ever go shopping hungry! This way you’ll find that you save money and throw very little away.

Many of these tips are simple and free to do, so you could do your bit to save the environment with very little effort! If you do find you want to do a little more – have a look around for more energy efficient and modern appliances. Not only can modern appliances help to keep your food fresher for longer, but because they function much more efficiently, you could save yourself some money too!

These tips brought to you by Domex – appliance repair specialists.

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