How to Host the Perfect Baby Shower

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If your best friend or daughter is having a baby, why not show them you care by throwing a baby shower. Baby showers are happy occasions where you get together to celebrate the imminent birth and give the expectant mother a nice outing as well as some gifts for her and baby.

Hosting a baby shower can be fun and with a bit of planning it can be fairly hassle free.

Get the Word Out

Ask the expectant mother who she would like to attend her baby shower. Invite the baby’s grandmothers, sisters and sisters-in-law, cousins, aunts and supportive friends. Make a list of everyone she wants to be there and then set about inviting everyone on the list.

You can buy lovely baby shower invitations which you can mail or hand deliver. You can also invite people over the phone or even send them an email or text. Another idea is the make a Facebook event. Set an RSVP date, say one week out from the party, so you can organise the right amount of food, drinks and seating.


It is common to include something about gifts on the invite. Often expectant mothers have bought a lot of things already, so they might make up a list of things they still need. Another good idea is to have a baby gift basket where people can give cash that can be put towards a bigger purchase, like a cot or a pram. You can ask the mother-to-be what furniture she still needs and go online at to find out prices, so you can give people an idea of how much cash you are hoping to collect.

Theme the Party

It is fun to theme the party and it will help you to decide on decorations. If you know what sex the baby is then you should choose a theme that suits either a boy or girl. If you don’t know, then you will need to choose a more neutral theme.

Boys themes can be traditional baby blue, puppy dogs, wildlife, cartoon characters or even tractors, trains or racing cars. For baby girls you can make pink the theme or perhaps flowers, princesses or fairies. If you are unsure of the sex you can use colours like yellow or green and themes like teddy bears, rainbows, sunshine and cartoons.


Decorations are a really fun part of hosting a shower. Once you have decided on your theme choose decorations to match. You will find printed paper plates and napkins, balloons and streamers that will work with your theme.

About Food

Finger food works well. It’s no fuss to serve and allows everyone to mingle and snack at the same time. You can keep it really simple by buying chips, crackers and dips, nuts, pretzels and cutting up some carrot and celery sticks. Cupcakes make a great desert with a cup of tea or coffee. A punch is also good to have on hand.


Pick fun games that will break the ice and have everyone laughing.

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