How to Get Cash Out of Your Old Gadgets

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Do you have an old phone that you wish to sell? Do you need the cash? Or just want to get a new phone? There are many ways that you are able to sell your used phone in the UK. The fact is that smartphones are being released on a yearly basis which then means that people are constantly switching phones, but you don’t need to just dump your old phone.

This is where steps in. They are an online site that will buy your old smartphone for a competitive price. The process is simple:

  • On the site you will see a search box where you will type in the make and model of the phone you want to sell.
  • The price they will offer you will then appear. You will then select the phone network, type in your IMEI number and simply click sell my phone.
  • Once this is done you will need to fill in your details and your specifications on payment etc.
  • Once they receive your smartphone device they will inspect it and then issue your payment.

It’s super easy. The great thing about them is that you will receive a competitive price so that you get the best deal. Also they offer same day payment on the day they receive your device and you can get your cash through a bank transfer or with PayPal.

There are obviously other ways that you are able to sell your mobile, but not all of these methods are quick, easy and reliable, but they are worth a look anyway.

Other Ways to Sell your Mobile

The first way is to list your phone on a site like EBay have the buy now option or the auction option. You can then list your phone for a standard price and see if anyone bites or you can get users to bid on the phone. This can be risky as it might go for lower then you expected but it could also go for more. There are other UK sites where you can sell your phone like Gumtree for instance.

Another way to get your phone sold is to ask friends and family. They may need a new phone themselves and be willing to buy your old one. This is safe as you are able to deal directly with them and try and get the price you are asking. However, friends and family can be unreliable as they may agree to buy your phone, but when push comes to shove they might back out.

You can also opt to part trade your old phone. You will be able to find deals and stores that will take your old phone and give you a partial amount that you can then use towards a new one. They will offer you less though then what your phone is worth.

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