How I found a new physical therapist when relocating jobs

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In November of 2011, I was in a car accident near my then current home in Colorado.  Thankfully, everyone turned out to be okay and there were no life or limb threatening injuries.  However, I was left needing surgery and extensive physical therapy for an injury I sustained in the accident to my left shoulder.  This injury has caused me extensive pain and decreased range of motion, making it difficult for me to complete some normal daily activities on some days.  There have been times were the pain is too much and I cannot do something as simple as driving, showering, or anything that involves raising my left arm above my chest and head.  Physical therapy has been the only treatment over the past two years that has helped me find relief from my pain.

In the spring of 2013, I received a promotion at work.  I could not have been happier, except this promotion required me to move to New York City.  I was not nervous about my move or reestablishing my life, with the exception of finding a new physical therapist.  Relocating can be difficult enough with finding a new place to live, new dentists, doctors, grocery stories, post offices, and the list goes on.  However, needing to find a new place for physical therapy in NYC complicated my move even more.

My then current physical therapists in Colorado knew me and my injury well.  They knew the treatments I needed, and the frequency in which I needed them in order to keep my pain under control.  That is why moving to New York City made me very nervous.  I was very concerned that Integrative Spine & Sports physical therapy in NYC would be very different from what I had previously experienced.  I did not want my pain to return, which could possible jeopardize my new promotion.

Before moving, I completed some online research using public medical websites to see what people were saying about physical therapy in NYC.  I checked to see which centers for physical therapy in NYC were recommended and which were not.  I also made sure there had been no complaints with the state about the places I was considering.  I had a running list of physical therapy offices that I felt could possibly meet my needs.  

One of the first people I met upon moving was a nanny next door to me.  As luck would have it, this nanny worked for a hand and arm surgeon.  The hand and arm surgeon actually had a few physical therapists working directly out of his office, and one of them happened to be on my list of potential physical therapist.  

The surgeon was able to get me into see this physical therapist within a week of my move.  My new physical therapist had extensive training and experience in my particular type of shoulder injury and pain treatment.  We developed a therapy plan based on her experience, and also upon what I had been doing for therapy back in Colorado.  I have now been getting physical therapy in NYC for over six months and have had my pain levels kept below even what they were while I was still in Colorado.  Taking the time to do research and also talking with my neighbors allowed me to find the physical therapy in NYC to meet my needs and stay pain-free. 

This article was written by Rebekah James, from her personal experience with physical therapy treatments.

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