Helpful Tips for Preparing Your Property for the Market

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If you are preparing to sell your property, you will probably be eager to do all that you can to have it looking its best. A great looking property is pivotal to securing the best price possible. There are many ways to spruce up your property and ensure that potential buyers are impressed and enticed by what they see. Below are a couple of key ways to do this.

Remove the Clutter

Before doing anything else, get rid of the excess clutter from your home. You don’t want people to have to use their imagination to get a sense of what your property could look like. Instead, present your home as cleanly and free from clutter as possible.

To do this, you need to commence the packing process far in advance of your moving day. You need to be organised and know exactly what you need and will take, what you can get rid of, and what you can store elsewhere. Take advantage of the quality service and facilities offered by offsite storage professionals. Companies like Fort Knoxprovide clean, safe, secure, and accessible storage options – for more information, refer to their website

Don’t Skimp on the Cleaning

Most buyers are positively influenced by a clean property. To prepare your property for the market, pay close attention to small and large details. In particular, you should ensure that all windows are thoroughly cleaned and, although it is often a painstaking task, blinds need to be dusted.

Wash curtains and be sure to dust skirting boards. Take the time and effort to clean all of your appliances and even tidy up the contents of all cupboards. Prospective buyers will probably want to peek inside cupboards to appreciate the amount of storage space available.

Inspect Your Own Home… Ruthlessly!

Doing a comprehensive inspection of your own property will help to prevent any unexpected and disappointing surprises as the sale process is undertaken. In particular, you should check carefully for any signs of water damage in floors and walls, as well as any other clues that plumbing leaks are a problem. It is wise to check your windows thoroughly, paying attention and taking the time to ensure there are no broken seals.

You should also check carefully for any evidence of pests, insects and rodents, and take action to repair or otherwise deal with any issues that you discover.

Keep It Neutral

Remember that most buyers are drawn to neutral tones. While your own taste may be far more bold, don’t lose sight of the fact that others may have a quite different preference and be most interested in a property that looks and feels more like a blank canvas. Opt to use a neutral colour for your walls and paint with a matte finish.

When you are selling a property, it’s definitely worth putting in the effort to increase its appeal to buyers and maximise its selling price. Some of the most recommended ways to ready a property for market can be done quite simply, while others definitely require more time, effort and financial investment.

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