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Trying to get your kids to sit down and do their homework can be an exhausting daily battle. You know they need to stay on track with school, but they don’t always care, so screaming can ensue. Help your kids develop good study habits early on and they’ll find things a lot easier, and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress in the long run.


Establish a routine

Getting a daily schedule set up at the beginning of the school year will help you keep things under control. If you’re kid needs to get some energy out of his system before getting started on homework, incorporate some outdoor playing time after school in before you sit him down. Plan brain-friendly snacks, relaxation time and family dinners alongside homework time and your days will become far more structured and manageable.

Encourage organization

Your child may be provided with a planner from their school to help them organize their assignments, so help them use these effectively to keep everything under control. Keep track of your child’s planner so that you can see what it is they’re meant to be doing, and help them prioritize and manage their time wisely.

Don’t get too involved

If you’re child is struggling with an assignment, it’s of course OK to try and help out. However, keep in mind that the teacher might explain things very differently to you, and multiple explanations of a math technique or grammar rule might create more confusion. Instead, speak to the teacher if you see that your child is finding something difficult; ask them to go over the topic clearly with them during school hours, and then re-assess.

Create a serene space

Creating the right atmosphere for your child to do homework in can make a huge different to their concentration levels and how much they enjoy the task. Set aside a certain area and make sure it’s comfortable, well lit and quiet. Keep the space stocked with any supplies they might need, and make it an area where you can keep an eye on things and prevent your child from becoming distracted.

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  1. Jeanne Buchanan

    Kid’s homework these days. Sometimes it seems like it’s designed to be done by the parents. So many projects and posters. Teachers just have no clue.

    • I hear you, Jeanne. Logan had to create this 3-D family tree the other day. Not only did I have to assemble it (and let me tell you, it was worse than something for IKEA), I had to dig up all this info about Scott’s Swedish great-grandmother. And Ms. Just out of College with a Teaching Certificate thought this was appropriate for a 3rd grader? Don’t even get me Dylan’s math homework. I thought I was smart until I had to take 6th grade math again hahaha.

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