Halloween On A Budget

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Halloween may seem like a pretty minor holiday with the upcoming festive season looming, but the way the expenses add up when you factor in costumes, candy, parties and decorations can be pretty scary. Although you certainly shouldn’t sacrifice the fun, especially if you have kids for whom dressing up and trick-or-treating is a highlight of the year, you can save a little money this year with a few simple steps.

  • Make a budget

Budgeting and planning is always the best way to save cash, so Halloween is no exception. Look at what you can afford for each aspect of the day, from costumes to candy, and then stick to it.


  • Leave it to the last minute

Although time management is usually of the essence, when it comes to Halloween candy you may be better off waiting until the last minute to make your purchases.  Stores often start their discounts the close it gets to the night, so wait until the prices drop and then grab whatever’s cheapest. Most of the kids showing up at your doorstep will be happy just to get something sweet; there’s no pressure to go for anything fancy.


  • Get creative

When it comes to costumes and decorations, a little imagination can go a long way. Stay away from overpriced party stores selling the same old costumes that everyone else will have bought and make your own outfit, or if you have kids then make it into a fun family project. Decorations can be a great craft project for children, and will save you a fortune on fake spider webs. You can then save whatever decorations you make or use and store them away for next year, and for the years to come.


  • Do a costume swap

If you don’t have the time or energy to make your own, ask around to see if anyone has any costumes from last year that they’re not going to be re-using. This is especially handy for kids, as children rarely wear the same costume twice, so last year’s superhero outfits often go to waste. Do a neighbourhood exchange and everyone could save a little money.

Sarah Pinkerton

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  1. Dylan went as a ghost in a swimsuit this year–his idea! We just cut some eye holes into an old sheet and he put one of my old two-pieces over it (it’s not like *I* am wearing it haha). It was a huge hit at school and didn’t cost us a dime!

    • Sarah Pinkerton

      My younger brother once went as a robot from Battle Bots when we were younger, making a lot of it from card board painted silver and a cheap metal rod as the robots weapon. No idea why he thought a robot was appropriate for halloween though

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