Great Businesses for Women to Start Up

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Is your current career leaving you feeling bored and uninspired?  There are opportunities out there to start your own small business, become your own boss and embrace the American spirit of entrepreneurship. There’s no need to rack up a fortune on credit cards or turn to your bank for loans either. If you’re low on funds you can always look into taking out finance, for instance at Here are a few ideas to get your business mind whirring.


Jewelry Making

If you’ve got a creative flair, love crafting and find that people are often complimenting the things you make for yourself, why not make a few more and sell them in your own jewelry business? You’ll have to put a lot of time in to begin with, but the supplies can be fairly inexpensive and you can design and create your own product. Websites like Etsy and other online marketplaces are great places to start out with small crafting businesses, and can help you launch your new career.

Animal Lover?

If you love all things pets, why not capitalize on your hobby and start a dog walking, pet sitting or grooming business. You could even pursue a qualification in training and start taming badly behaved pups.

Get cleaning

If you’re handy around the house and think others could benefit from your organization and tidying skills, you could consider starting up a cleaning business. By promising to help people tackle their clutter and clean up their homes you should have no shortage of interested customers.

Cupcakes and Coffee

Are you a baking whiz? Gourmet cupcakes and baked goods have never been more fashionable, with customers lining up at popular bakeries and cafes for a taste of their goods. If you think you could put beat them in the kitchen, a café could be a great small business idea, with customized cakes on offer for weddings, birthdays and all sorts of occasions to bring in extra cash.



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