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Late August has come to represent one thing: back to school time. Many parents hit the stores to buy new clothes, school supplies, shoes, sneakers, book bags, and any other thing that the kids just “ have to have” to start the school year off right. Kids experiment with new looks, changing their clothing style or hairstyles this time of year as well. They want to come to school with an upgraded look. Teachers do to. They look for ways to differentiate themselves – to stand out from the rest. School spirit is always a fun way to add to your look, especially around game time. Give your teachers and students a back to school kick with personalized gear.

Here are some items that will start both your child and their teacher’s school year off right:

1. Journals – Note taking is still a necessity in class. Why not have a journal that promotes the school to do the job? Both students and teachers alike would find use in these journals. Carrying it everywhere will show school spirit to anyone they came into contact with.

2. Sweatshirts – Everyone likes a sweatshirt for those days when relaxing is the on the agenda. Nice, roomy sweatshirts with the school name embroidered on fit the bill.

3. Bags – get teachers a new bag to hold their laptop, papers that need to be graded, and teaching journals. This subtle show of school spirit will be a welcome addition to a teacher’s ensemble.

4. Flash Drives – the handy little tools are great for students and teachers alike. More than ever, people are writing documents at home, saving them to flash drive, Sand printing them at school. Personalizing one of these functional drives is just another way to show school spirit.

5. Sunglasses – This is a great idea for parents, students, and other people who attend outdoor school sporting activities. All they have to do is put on their sunglasses to show their team spirit.

6. Seat Cushions – Since we’re on the subject of attending games, many people have started bringing seat cushions to give them a little extra padding as they watch games from the bleachers. Adding the name of the school or team to the seat cushions shows school spirit in a big way.

7. Pens – Everybody needs pens. They are the most lost and most frequently picked item known to man. You can make it so they always have a pen when they need it… a pen with their school name on it, no less!

8. School Kits – These are great school starters, especially for younger kids. Put your school name on a pouch containing pencils, erasers, and other school supplies.

9. Coffee Tumblers – Teachers will love this one! Many people drink coffee several times a day. Make their coffee break portable by giving them a personalized tumbler.

10. T-Shirts – Kids and teachers will enjoy having a school T-shirt to wear on spirit days.

There are a lot of ways to change a look – showing school spirit is just one of them. Wow the kids and surprise the teachers with these school-centered items. Get ready for school a new way!

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