Gel Fireplace Decorating Ideas

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Your gel fireplace is the focal point of any room. Visitors immediately turn their attention to the mantel when they walk in for the first time, so make sure they have something beautiful to look at. Whether your gel fireplace is traditional or contemporary, here are some great tips on enhancing the natural beauty of your gel fireplace with creative decorative touches you might not have thought of!

Choose a Theme

When you are deciding what to display on your gel fireplace mantel, consider choosing a cohesive theme. For example, pick a collection you love—photographs, statues, books, or vases, You could also try to make color your theme. One color across all the items on your mantelpiece connects all your pieces together, making them feel cohesive and harmonious even if you think they wouldn’t ordinarily all go together. You can also try a repeating theme, such as all black and white photographs all in the same size, or a series of the same vases, candles, or statues. A cohesive theme is satisfying to look at and draws the eye with interesting shapes, colors, and connections.

Pick a Showstopper

You can go exactly the opposite of a theme to make a really striking display. One really large item can make your gel fireplace look dramatic and make it the strongest and most visible focal point of the room. Choose something as oversized as possible to really make a statement. A too-small painting or mirror or piece of sculpture will look lost and lonely instead of dramatic. This minimal kind of design is most effective in an elegant, minimalist-designed room.

Layer Objects

Choose objects that make you happy, are pleasing to the eye and will create interest. The best way to create interest with multiple items is to also make sure you have plenty of different shapes and sizes and colors. When you’re arranging your items, don’t think you have to line them all up next to each other—layer them to create even more interest. Place tall items at the back of the mantel, arranged at varying heights. Then add in items in front in a variety of sizes and shapes to create a kind of three-dimensional landscape. Make sure you have a good blend of sizes so that the large items don’t overwhelm everything else, or lots of small items don’t cause your mantel to look cluttered.

Go Asymmetrical

Most people automatically go symmetrical when it comes time to create a display, because there is a comforting sameness to it. But an asymmetrical display helps create a lot more interest and can be much more striking. It draws attention so that visitors want to explore the arrangement you’ve created. An asymmetrical arrangement looks especially nice in modern décor.

Go Beyond the Mantel

When you think about decorating your gel fireplace you automatically start planning the mantel, but don’t forget the rest of it! You have the surround, the hearth and firebox to consider, too. Pay attention to your fireplace screen and tools as well, which can help you make a statement. Choose something that suits your style, whether it’s traditional and artistic or sleek and modern.

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