Five Ways to Become a Safer Driver

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With many of us spending longer on the road for the commute to work, and myriad of family duties and errands, it is more important than ever to be the safest driver you can be. In this article we will look at five ways in which you can become a safer driver and decrease your chances of having an accident.

Focus and awareness

One of the most common causes of accident is driver distraction; it takes only a split second of inattention to miss a car turning out or braking heavily in front of you. So be fully aware when you are on the road, turn off your mobile phone, keep the radio off and focus on the task at hand. Check your mirrors regularly and also look far ahead of you on the road to anticipate what other drivers might do.

Follow the rules

This might seem like a no-brainer, but a huge proportion of accidents are caused by people who disobeyed the road rules. Most of us who passed our driving test many years ago might be a little bit hazy on the rules or be unaware of new rules that have come into effect. Visit your local road authority office or go to their website and get a copy of the road rules for your state, you may find that a rule you have been following for years is now incorrect and outdated. This also means things like staying within your lane lines and keeping out of the passing lane when you are not overtaking.

Don’t run the yellow light

This is another all too common cause of accidents and is completely avoidable. Do you really think you will get there that much quicker by getting through one or two lights a few seconds earlier? Be patient and sensible and slow down as soon as you see the yellow light.

Put an appropriate distance between yourself and the car in front

The 3-second rule is a good way to help you keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, just pick a fixed point that is even with the car in front of you and slowly count to three, if you reach that same point before you are finished counting, then you are too close. This applies to dry and light conditions, so remember to adjust this rule to four, five, or even six seconds if it’s dark, raining or foggy.

Slow down

This is the easiest and simplest way to be a safer driver, speed limits are exactly that, a limit, so don’t feel like you have to match them all the time. For every five kmp/h you take of your speed you considerably decrease the amount of distance you need to stop, making it much easier to avoid an accident if you need to brake suddenly.

So there you have it, following these five simple tips will go a long way to making you a safer driver and massively decrease your chance of having an accident. So when you’re out on the road, remember to slow down, be aware and follow the road rules, and your driving experience will be a much more safe and relaxing one. Remember, if the worst does happen, there are people out there to help and sort out your legal issues such as the Motor Accident Legal Service .

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