Five Items Worthy Of Your Child’s Stockings this Holiday Season

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With the holiday season already upon us, finding suitable stocking stuffers for your kids can slip your mind. Quite frankly, you are more concerned with larger, more elaborate presents, the impending visit of your relatives, and preparing the holiday meal, to the extent that small stocking-sized gifts frequently slip your mind. Fear not, though, as these last minute stocking stuffer gifts are an ideal way for you to maximize your child’s holiday joy.

SmartKnit Kids Socks
SmartKnit is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality socks and undergarments for those with sensory issues or who are diabetic. The SmartKnit Kids Sensitivity Socks have a truly seamless construction, and are made of a super-soft, form-fitting knitted material that hug and conform to your child’s foot, offering long-lasting comfort. The additional benefit of this knitted fabric is that it does not bunch or wrinkle like most other cotton sock alternatives.

Five Items Worthy Of Your Child's Stockings this Holiday SeasonSmartKnit products are 100% made in America, and have high-tech fibers in them that wick away odorous sweat and moisture. And, because they are seamless, the SmartKnit Kids Crews are an excellent option for young people with delicate, hypersensitive feet.

Hohner Blues Band Harmonica 1501
For your budding child musician, the Blues Band Harmonica 1501 from Hohner is a great way for your kid to expand their talents in a fun, inexpensive manner. Hohner is one of the most trusted names in the harmonica game because they have incredibly durable reed profiles. These reed profiles increase a harmonica’s reed life by a whopping 200%, meaning you will not have to replace the 1501.

Hohner, which is based in Germany, is also known for the quality and craftsmanship of their instruments. The Blues Band has precision die punches that ensure the instrument’s reed plates are tight and will give off an even, full, and clear-throated sound. Best of all, though, is that this harmonica is kid-friendly. That is, the 1501 is easy to tune, has a durable stainless steel finish that is easy to clean and will not tarnish, and comes with a booklet that will teach your kid the harmonica-playing ropes.

Cat’s Cradle Book & Game
If your kid is more a fan of fun games than music, this Cat’s Cradle Game is fun, educational, and promises to have your child coming back again and again. Cat’s Cradle, of course, is a game where the player attempts to make complex images or figures with a thin piece of pliable string.

This particular book was authored by Anne Akers Johnson, a traditional games expert, and comes with a colorful tie-die string.

Geyser Tube
Growing up, one of the most memorable parts of my elementary science class was making a “geyser” out of Diet Coke and Mentos. This Geyser Tube, made by Steve Spangler, is great for your budding, ever-curious child scientist who enjoys conducting experiments in your backyard.

The Geyser Tube comes with a pack of Mentos and promises a 25 foot soda geyser. Unlike do-it-yourself methods that are often leave a mess, the Spangler tube ensures that your child’s geyser will shoot in an easily-contained area. Diet Coke not included.

My Art, My Writing Set Journals
Created by LGO Hospitality, these “My Art, My Writing Set” journals are a great way to get your kid to challenge their artistic talents or storytelling capabilities. What makes these journals unique from more conventional notebooks, though, is that each page has a specific prompt, like “Draw My Best Friend,” or “Write About My Favorite Color,” that your kid can follow to focus his or her creative juices.

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