Five Great Outdoor Family Activities

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It seems a rarity to take our time outdoors; work can be crazy, the kids love to lounge around, and routine often takes us to the comfort of indoors. It’s for this reason that the monotony should be broken, and families should take the time to reacquaint themselves with the great outdoors. Here are just some of the possibilities:

Do some sight-seeing

Sure, you could take the car out for a spin and see where the road takes you, but what better way to sight-see than via an alternative perspective? Bike riding allows you to go where four wheels cannot, and takes you to the fun which you might miss in the car. Ride your bike down to the park for fun on the playground, or bring along a kite to make the most of a breezy day. It’s wonderful exercise, and there’s no need to let traffic get in the way of fun. You can find your ideal vehicle at .

Family dinner goes alfresco

Why not light up the barbecue, throw on some chops and snags and toss a salad in your own backyard restaurant? It’s the most convenient of the lot, and dining at sunset is a view that often proves unbeatable. Should your barbecue be on the fritz, or your backyard not big enough for din-ner at the table, you’re practically guaranteed to find all you need at the park, snacks and cricket set not included.

Go coastal

Be it with your bike, the family dog or just your sunscreen and hat, a sea change can do wonders for anyone’s weekend. Take some time to visit the attractions such as theme parks and landmarks, or indulge in the humble fish and chips by the ocean. Take your book and beach towel and soak in the rays while the kids splash about in the waves.

Be one with nature

Let the kids take the reins of some disposable cameras and watch them shoot the bees and blos-soms in your nearest council gardens. Visit your local wildlife enclosure to feed some kangaroos and find the wombat hiding in its tunnel. Be it fauna or flora, there are plenty of ways to occupy yourselves with the attractions of nature. When was the last time you (literally) stopped to smell the roses?

Get creative

Painting, chalk drawing, water play, and the games in between are best played without a roof over your head. Buy a bucket of chalk (and probably a few aprons) and turn your drive way into a mural fit for hopscotch and chalk angels (sorry, aprons aren’t always the answer). Tape some butcher’s paper to the walls and whack some paint to canvas.

As you can see, the options for outdoor fun are as wide and varied as the great outdoors itself. All you need is a hat, a bike and a penchant for good, old fashioned, sunny fun.

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